Delta Taven Restaurant London

When it comes to eating out, Delta Tavern is a name that pops up right away in the minds of South Londoners. This African eatery in the Peckanham area of South East London is famously known for the delectable cuisine prepared by its experienced chefs. Diners are always pleased by the courteous staff and the calm and beautiful environment they experience at the venue. The restaurant rose to glory in a very short time after it’s start and continues to stay on the same pedestal, owing to the dedication of it’s staff and management. Being in close proximity to Peckham Rye park, this eatery provides an excellent venue to visitors of the park who conveniently grab a snack before going back home. Shoppers to the malls nearby have made it a habit to stop by at Delta Tavern and get some refreshments. If you are in South East London, then you must go and check out the yummy food of Delta Tavern Restaurant.

Contact: +44 20 7450 7048


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    Products / Services of Delta Tavern Restaurant

    African Cuisine:
    Delta Tavern offers a wide variety of exciting African cuisine that is made from the highest quality ingredients. No matter what you order you can be assured of the freshest ingredients and top quality food. Even if you have not tried African cuisine before you will find something that you will enjoy trying. Be sure to bring your friends and family members if they really want to enjoy some authentic African cuisine.

    Dine-in option for lunch, evening snacks or dinner:
    Delta Tavern has the option for dining in during lunch and dinner. Most people enjoy going to Delta Tavern after a hard day work to relax with friends and have some of the flavourful African cuisine.

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    Location of Delta Tavern Restaurant

    58 Peckham Rye, London, SE15 4JR, United Kingdom.

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    How To Get To Delta Tavern Restaurant

    There is no underground tube station, tram station, pier or any other overground station located within 1.5 mile area surrounding the Delta Tavern restaurant. All those patrons who want to get to this restaurant must take a bus to reach Delta Tavern Restaurant.

    By Bus

    The closest bus stop is Nigel Road (Stop WM)‎, Buses numbering 12, 37, 63, 78, 197, 343, 363, N63, N343 and P12 pick and drop passengers to this bus stop. From the bus stop move south on Rye Ln toward Scylla Rd to reach the Delta Tavern restaurant. View Map

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    The Delta Tavern is a great place to go if you want a nice taste of authentic African cuisine. You can always go for drinks and hang out with friends and family members while you wait. The ambiance is warm and friendly as the staff and management is very helpful. If you are new to African cuisine there are plenty of dishes to choose from and you will have a lovely dining experience at Delta Tavern.

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