List of Best Employers in Dubai

Not only in Dubai but in every country’s salary and pay scale depend entirely on the level of qualification you have, along with the negotiation skills and your expertise in the particular field. Like any other nation Dubai does not have standardized salaries, it depends upon your skills, qualification and confidence level.

A person who prefers an out class lifestyle would opt for a high paid job, because living in Dubai is quite expensive. Few jobs even offer accommodation along with concession in various other utilities, so it is better if you inquire that particular aspect before saying yes to a job.  If you are not aware of the salary and pay scale in Dubai then take a look at the guide below:


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    Qualifications & Salary Scales:

    Qualification is the foremost thing that is considered by the Human Resource department of any company. If the level of your qualification is higher, then you will absolutely be hired at a handsome salary package.

    Bachelor's Degree salary package ranges between AED 75,000 - AED 245,000

    Master of Business Administration (MBA) salary package ranges between AED 95,000 - AED 335,000

    Bachelor of Engineering (BEng / BE), Mechanical Engineering (ME) salary package ranges between  AED 79,000 - AED 251,000

    Master of Business Administration (MBA), Finance salary package ranges between AED 105,000 - AED 365,000

    Bachelor of Science (BS / BSc), Computer Science (CS) salary package ranges between AED 72,000 - AED 236,000

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    Salary Scale & Cost of Living:

    For supervisory position various companies hire employees on the pay scale ranging between Dh.5000 to Dh.7000. But this salary is not enough for a person who has to bear the expenses of his family as well. For a single person this scale is good enough but for a family person a pay ranging between Dh.10, 000 – Dh.15, 000 is required. However, the suitability of pay scale also depends on the life style you are looking forward to. For a normal lifestyle, 5,000 is quite sufficient.

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    Employment Benefits:

    In a well reputed companies employment benefits are also connected with the pay package. But in return the company also demands for an extraordinary effort or else they might withdraw the package that is offered to you. The salary that is offered to you is also outlined in your contract letter along with other perks and benefits.

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    Some companies offer paid leaves which is another form of benefit, and it can be availed after successfully completing your probation period. You will also be benefited with medical facility after that. But make sure you cover this portion in your discussion before you say yes to a job.

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    Pay Scales in for Popular Jobs/Inductires

    Software Developer/Programmer

    In Dubai, a Sr. Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer usually get a pay package of around AED 125,000. This is the amount that is fixed after probation period. With the passage of time, the amount will definitely increase and you will also be given perks on good performance.

    Project Manager, Information Technology (IT)

    In an IT department, a person is hired at a managerial post and gets the pay package of AED 245,000. IT profession comes among highly paid profession the more you grow, the more you will earn.

    Regional Sales Manager

    A regional sales manager in a well reputed company is hired on a pay package of AED 265,482. Amount around the figures mentioned earlier are allotted right after completing the probation period.

    Business Development Manager

    A business manager usually gets a package of AED 206,000 in Dubai. Theses figure vary depending upon the level of negotiation skills and experience along with qualification.


    An accountant only takes AED 60,000 to home. The salary increases after evaluation. Every company has its own specific probation period after which evaluation is conducted.

    General / Operations Manager

    General or Operations Manager takes home AED 308, 000 at the end of the month. This amount is huge as compared to other fields, so a person earning this amount is definitely capable of bearing the elite lifestyle of Dubai.

    Information Technology (IT) Manager:

    Manger in a technology related firm is paid AED 214, 000. This amount is also good enough to lead a prosperous life in Dubai.

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    Top Employers In Dubai

    Aside other options a well reputed and successful company also hire employees at overwhelming figures of salary. First of all they try their level best to hire the most excellent employer for a particular post, secondly the task assigned to him/her is also tough, but the perks and benefits that come along are good enough to cover all the flaws.

    Some of the top rated companies of Dubai along with their salary packages are listed below:

    Emirates Airlines salary package ranges between AED 44,000 - AED 419,000

    Landmark Group salary package ranges between AED 53,000 - AED 253,000

    Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) salary package ranges between AED 35,000 - AED 302,000

    Ernst and Young LLP salary package ranges between AED 72,000 - AED 362,000

    International Business Machines (IBM) Corp. salary package ranges between AED 29,000 - AED 514,000

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