List of Brazilian Restaurants in London

Brazil is synonymous with sun, music and parties. This energy and culture is perfectly translated in to the cuisine of the South American country. Slow roasted meats are accompanied by colorful cocktails and tantalizing music. The best way to experience the intensity is to visit Brazil but if you are unable to do so, there is nothing to fear. You can enjoy all the fun right in London. Top Brazilian restaurants are available in the heart of the British capital and ready for your business. Here is a step by step list of Brazilian restaurants that are going to have you dancing, drinking and enjoying the food!


  • 1

    Tia Maria, is a restaurant that perfectly combines food drink and music for the perfect time with friends and family.

  • 2

    Guanabara, claims to be London's biggest Brazilian late night spot. The venue is open seven nights a weeks and showcases dance, music and great food.

  • 3

    Rodizio Preto, is a Brazilian restaurant that specializes in Brazilian barbecue. The slow roasted meats are cut in front of you at your table and popular dishes include Feijoada and Feijao.

  • 4

    Bankete, is located in the center of London and hosts great food and drink. The Brazilian restaurant features authentic cuisine and live music to make your meal a true adventure.

  • 5

    Casa da Sogra, is located in Camden market and is a popular venue. They offer lunch deals and have a good delivery service.

  • 6

    , is a chain of Latin American restaurants spread over London. The hip and modern decor offers a menu full of South American dishes and has some prominent Brazilian favorites.

  • 7

    Rodizio Rico - Islington, claims to be the only authentic churrascaria de rodizio restaurant in London. They serve perfectly roasted meats and offer all you can eat deals.

  • 8

    Amber Grill, is a meat lovers dream. The venue offers live music, sports and roasted Brazilian delicacies that will make a memorable night out.

  • 9

    Favela Chic, is a modern restaurant with a quirky decor. The venue is a good spot to enjoy music, drinks and a great meal with friends.

  • 10

    Made In Brazil, is a complete party place. The bar has various Brazilian cocktails and drinks and the food compliments the great atmosphere.

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