List of Community Cafe’s in London

By definition, a community cafe is jointly owned and operated by its consumers. However, London’s community cafes take a leap ahead as most of these are made with an ideology of encouraging the consumption of vegan and vegetarian food. These community cafes materialize beliefs like veganism, freeganism and environmental sensitivity and coupled these with volunteerism and community feeling. One finds freshly prepared delicious vegan food available on cheap prices from any of these cafes. One amongst these café was set up with a purpose to utilize surplus food and thus take a step towards addressing food poverty which affects 4 million people in United Kingdom.


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    Bonnington Café

    Bonnington Café is a vegetarian restaurant serving the Vauxhaull Community ever since its opening in early 80’s. Member cooks bring in their expertise to cook delicious vegetarian dishes available on affordable prices and one can expect all sorts of exotic dishes to be prepared there. Bonnington Café is unlicensed but still no corkage is charged so one can bring in his / her own beverage.

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    Pogo café

    Pogo café is beautifully tucked in the heart of Hackney area of London, providing vegan food to the community and endorsing vegan culture. Get snacks, burgers and a variety of hot and cold beverages at Pogo café.

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    The Hornbeam Community Café and Environment Centre

    Situated in Walthamstow area of London at Hoe Street, The hornbeam is a café which is also used as a platform by the community for environmental awareness projects and to keep abreast with what’s happening around. Find sandwich, sausage, biscuits, cakes and coffee at Hornbeam and buy organic food at this small yet beautiful community café.

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    Station House Community Café

    This café was set up by Foodcycle, an organization that utilizes surplus food (otherwise gone waste) and volunteers to make nutritious food to serve the community. This utilization of surplus food is a little initiative against ‘food poverty’ which is taking its toll in the whole world. So, get a three course meal in just 4 GBP from Station House Community Café at 73c Stapleton Hall Rd N4 3QF, London.

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    People’s kitchen at Passing Clouds

    People’s kitchen is more like an event held every Sunday at ‘the passing clouds’ music venue. People visit this kitchen on Sunday to eat freegan dinner for a donation. So, visit this kitchen next Sunday at passing clouds, 1 Richmond road.

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