List of Dating Agencies in London

With the holiday season in full swing in London, there are many singles spending a long and cold winter alone. For busy Londoners, it is a tough task to balance love and work. Most of the time, career and mortgages payments take priority over finding a soul mate. This leaves many London based professionals with out a significant other to share their life with. If you are one of these people and find online dating websites to cold, then a dating agency in London might be the answer to your problems. Match making services provide an intimate service where an actual person meets you to discuss the type of person you would like to meet. They then arrange a date for you in London, where you can freely converse with your guest. If you think that a dating agency might be the solution to your loneliness then check out our list of top dating agencies in London to set your self up with the perfect date.


  • 1

    Seventy Thirty, is a match making service in London that provides dating services for high income individuals. They also offer life coaching for their international clientele.

  • 2

    Only Lunch Ltd, provides dating services for working professionals. The company caters to both men and women and offer a personalized experience.

  • 3

    Introduction Agency London, offers a personalized service to its clientele and caters their business to an individuals requirements. They provide both an online and offline assistance to their customers.

  • 4

    Foy Associates, is a specialized service providers that will search for a life partner based on their customers requirements. They do not use databases for their services for affluent indicduals.


  • 5

    The Single Solution, a dating agency that arranges meetings between people of the same age group. They also do weekly events that allow you to meet Mr. or Ms. Right.

  • 6

    Executive Club Of St James, the 26-year-old dating service is a popular London based agency. They also offer a money back guarantee that no other service provider meets.

  • 7

    Minted Men, focuses on providing affluent and wealthy men dating services. They check a clients wealth and value before taking them on as new customers.

  • 8

    Affinity (London) Ltd, is a reputable dating agency that covers the London area. They specialize in clients over 50 and widowers.

  • 9

    Berkeley International, is a well reputed dating agency that has an international customer base. The firm has been showcased in numerous magazines and publications and provides its match making services for wealthy individuals.

  • 10

    NHS Dating Site, is a dating agency that specializes in providing dating services for people in the medical profession. They are London based and have a large clientele of Doctors, Nurses and other medical practitioners.

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