List of Insurance Lawyers in London

The residents of London usually carry insurance for several things including car, home and life insurance. The contract between an insurance company and a client is little complex and most people don’t understand the small prints. This can lead to occasions where an insurance company will not cover claims that a client expected the firm to pay for. In cases like this, an insurance lawyer can help smoothly claim payment if the insurance company is not paying as per contract. Insurance lawyers can also deal in medical, car and injury cases that involve insurance claims. Here is a list of few insurance lawyers in London that can help you resolve disputes with insurance firms.


  • 1

    Professional Negligence Solution, is a leading law firm that represents their clients in insurance claim, professional negligence and personal injury matters.

  • 2

    Greenwoods, is a well-know law firm that specialises in insurance law and is serving on national basis.

  • 3

    Ince & Co, is an international law firm that has nearly 100 partners and more than 180 lawyers across the world. They  are providing legal advice to their clients on different law practices  including insurance policies.

  • 4

    Norton Rose LLP, is a specialised law firm that offers legal help regarding  different types of insurance disputes.

  • 5

    Clyde & Co, is a combination of two famous law firms that are providing quality legal advice regarding insurance and other practices to their clientele in London.

  • 6

    Steptoe & Johnson LLP, is a set of lawyers that deals in wide range of law practices including issues related to insurance.

  • 7

    Lloyd Rehman & Co, is well aware of UK's law and offer a focused, personalized service to their every client, whether its a corporate executives or a personal injury claimant.

  • 8

    Waltons & Morse LLP, is a well established law firm that deals in marine insurance and its attorneys are practicing in the British capital since 1845.

  • 9

    Browne Jacobson LLP, is a full service law firm that deals in various law practices such as insurance, business, finance and others.

  • 10

    Gates & Partners, is based on a young and dynamic team of lawyers that are dealing in insurance law and other issues as well.

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