List of Mongolian Restaurants in London

Mongolian Restaurants in London are considered as beautiful eateries. The Mongolian expat culture in London is little, with just less than ten thousand people in the British capital. This guide is for only a small number of Mongolian restaurants opening their doors in London. Mongolian cuisine mainly consists of meat, dairy products and animal fats. These eateries have a variety of raw meats that usually make up Mongolian cuisine. This includes beef, chicken, pork and lamb.

If you are searching for the ideal Mongolian Restaurant in London, then check out the following guide for some help.


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    Mongolian Barbecue

    Contains rice, noodles and Mongolian Flatbreads to compliment the delicious food and a great choice of starters and desserts as well. If you want the true taste of Mongolian cuisine than this is the right place for you. Bring your friends and family members for a wonderful dining experience. You will love their extensive menu of authentic Mongolian dishes. The ambiance is nice and you are sure to have a great time dining here. You will be impressed by the fast service and great tasting food. They use only the freshest ingredients and make every dish with care. If you get a chance try to visit at dinner for a wide variety of tasty dishes sure to satisfy any craving you might be having.

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    Mongolian Grill

    Basically offers you a mixture of genuine and new blend recipes. Their metal plates will catch your eye as their ingredients are generally sourced in China and Mongolia. If you are looking for a decent night out to enjoy your favourite Mongolian cuisine then this restaurant should not be missed. The service is excellent and the staff is friendly and courteous. Take some time out of your busy schedule to enjoy some of the best Mongolian food in London. You will be pleasantly surprised at the rich taste and savory flavours that this restaurant has to offer. Be sure to get there a little early so that you can get a table as this place is very popular and always pretty crowded.

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    Little Lamb

    Is a delicious and exceptional Mongolian eatery in London. It contains absolutely luscious dishes like hot pot, fish balls and noodles. Make sure to visit the Little Lamb if you want a taste of some delicious authentic Mongolian cuisine. They have a great menu offering some of the most unique and tasty Mongolian food. The ambiance is good and your friends and family will have an excellent dining experience here.

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