List of Mortgage Insurance Companies in London

Many Londoners have a mortgage on their home, business or other real asset. With today’s hard economic times, a default on mortgage has become more likely and a homeowner can protect themselves from such a situation by purchasing mortgage insurance. In the UK this is also referred to as mortgage indemnity guarantee (MIG). When a buyer takes out a mortgage on a property, the lender sets rules for the repayment of the loan. If the debtor fails to pay the installments of the mortgage due to any reason they can lose the property. However, a mortgage insurance which is provided by mortgage insurance companies in London can save the buyer from such predicament. Mortgage companies pay for the missed payments over an extended period of time if a buyer falls behind on payments due to injury, sickness, unemployment or many other problems.


  • 1

    Pinnacle Insurance, provides services in wide range of fields. They cover income, lifstyle, and many other services. They can handle mortgage protection insurance.

  • 2

    Simply Mortgage, provide insurance in a comprehensive range of fields. They provide insurance in mortgage protection.

  • 3

    Avenue & Co Private Finance, provide advice in residential and commercial mortgages and also insure the mortgage.

  • 4

    Nationwide, is an insurance company that covers a wide range of fields but are specialised in providing mortgage advice and insurance.

  • 5

    James Antoniou, are specialised in advising on general insurance, life assurance, pensions, investments and mortgages. They can also offer you insurance on mortgages.

  • 6

    KL Insurance Company, is a specialised company that offer mortgage insurance to Londoner. They protect you in mortgage issues. They have been working in London over several years.

  • 7

    North Rock, provide mortgage and also provide insurance services to your mortgage. They also have home plan and other insurance services.

  • 8

    The Porchester Group, is a financial services firm authorised by the FSA. They offer a full range of financial services including investments, insurance, mortgages, commercial finance to private and corporate clients.

  • 9

    Quest Financial Services, is an independent mortgage advisors who also offer insurance if required by the client.

  • 10

    Welbeck Group, is one of the UK’s fastest growing wealth management companies and comprises five specialist divisions: Consulting, Solutions, Mortgages, Independent & Wealth Management.

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