List of Ottawa Local Ski Hills

Skiing is a mode of transportation over the snow with skis that are strapped to one’s feet. Skiing is considered an athletic sport and is extremely popular in the world’s Northern Hemisphere, particularly Europe, Scandinavia and North America.

A similar and related sport is snowboarding, in which a single large board is used rather than individual skis. Snowboarding and skiing are very popular sports as many people go to the snowy hills for a decent time.

This list provides details for avid skiers about local hills in and around the Ottawa area.


  • 1

    Camp Fortune

    Located in Chelsea, Quebec, this ski resort offers lessons and retreats for skiers and snowboarders. If you are new to the sport then this might be the best place for you to start by taking some good lessons. You will find excellent skiing facilities and some great instructors to help you get on the skiis and hit the slopes for an exciting time with your family and friends.

  • 2

    Mont Cascades Resort

    This resort serves as a water park in the summer time and is a local favourite year-round as a place to have exciting fun. Bring your friends and family as you enjoy some of the wonderful facilities that this resort has to offer. If you are an experienced skier or just a beginner, there is something for everyone at this beautiful resort. You will definitely have a wonderful skiing experience here.

  • 3

    Mont Ste. Marie

    Located an hour from Ottawa, this resort offers a truly alpine experience. Hit the slopes on some of the best skiing in the area. This place has wonderful facilities and your family or friends will definitely love this place. Spend countless hours in the snow as you have a memorable skiing experience here.

  • 4

    Ski Vorlage

    Located in the village of Wakefield, Quebec, this resort is known for its ideal location and family-friendly environment. Bring the family, especially the kids so that they can enjoy the best that this place has to offer. Your friends will also enjoy the excellent facilities that are available.

  • 5

    Calabogi Peaks Resort

    This well-known resort offers excellent skiing, accommodations as well as wedding and conference facilities.

  • 6

    Mount Pakenham

    Offering a family fun environment, Mount Pakenham is a popular resort.

  • 7

    Edelweiss Valley

    Located in a region with a strong love affair with skiing, Mont Saint-Saveur, this resort located in Quebec is a fantastic place to visit.

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