List of South Asian Food Restaurants in London

South Asian foods are famous for its spicy and finger licking flavours that gives the visitor the addiction to visit the restaurant over and over again to taste the delicious food. London is a rich culture city where South Asian restaurants have made a name in serving the most dynamic and tasty food. Localities and visitors look for these high class South Asian restaurants to give their taste bud a spicy burst. South Asian food restaurants located in London are Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and many more.

We have listed all the best South Asian restaurants which you can easily visit in the city of London. To give your taste bud chances to have a spicy touch of life check out the restaurants below and be amazed by the quality of food and the ambiance which they provide.


  • 1

    New World, is a Chinese Restaurant which serves seafood, pork and other meat meals.  The New world is a three storey restaurant with pleasant environment and nice seating place.

  • 2

    Hakkasan, is a basement Chinese restaurant with low lighting and the first Chinese restaurant to be awarded the Michelin Star.

  • 3

    Shanghai Blues, the most stylish dark and vibrant atmosphere Chinese restaurant in London serve seafood, and other Chinese menu.

  • 4

    New Tayyab, is a Pakistan Punjabi restaurant that serves seekh Kebabs, fish masala, Chicken tikka and other spicy Indian food.

  • 5

    Mela, is an Indian restaurant that serves Indian food with nice decor and seating arrangement.

  • 6

    Diwana Bhel Poori House, serve Mumbai style Bhel poori and dosas. They also serve the Indian Thalis which has variety of tasty food in it.

  • 7

    Kolapata, is a Bangladeshi restaurant that serves Bangladeshi spicy menu with wide variety of cultural food with Bengal Environment.

  • 8

    Bundu Khan, is an Authentic Pakistani Cuisine restaurant with friendly staff and great environment with non Alcoholic cocktail bar.

  • 9

    Raavi Kebab, is a Pakistani restaurant that serve Punjabi menu that include seekh kebab and other spicy food items.

  • 10

    Lahore Karahi, is a Pakistani restaurant as it says in the name is a famous Lahore Karahi centre that has wide range of spicy karahi’s.

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