List of Sunday Markets in London

The colorful way of shopping can only be done in a Sunday Market. Whether you are a food lover or a fashion admirer, every week a new experience will be granted to you. All possible items are available in this fare whether it is related to your kitchen, bedroom, wardrobe, or any other sort of accessory.  Along with a wide range of variety available at the market you will be astonished by the rates and at a very reasonable cost, you will end up buying something very useful.  Though markets in different locations of London are opened on each day of the week, but you will still find more shops and people visiting on Sundays due to it being a weekend. If you are not sure which market is open on Sunday then the list given in this guide will help you in finding the nearest markets to shop.


  • 1

    Ally Pally Farmer's Market is an ideal place for food lovers where they can buy good quality juicy meat at prices that are affordable. Besides Mozambican chicken and seafood, vegetables, bread, cheese, coconut milk and juices are also available at Ally Pally.

  • 2

    Brick Lane Market is worth a look where fine quality household goods and tools are sold along with fresh fruits and vegetables. You will find hundreds of stalls selling blankets, vintage clothes, antiques and jewelry. Food stalls and gadget shops are also present in the market.

  • 3

    Chapel Street Market; on Sunday farmer market is held at the Chapel Street Market where a good selection of organic dairy products are sold. Along with food stalls, a few accessories related to international brands are also sold.

  • 4

    Chatsworth Road Market is known as one of the oldest markets of London. More than 40 stalls located in Chatsworth Road Market are responsible for selling clothing, jewelry, crafts, vintage accessories and gourmet food. Besides fresh fruits and vegetables, homemade food items are also sold in a few stalls.

  • 5

    Columbia Road Flower Market is considered to be London’s most appealing market where beautiful flower shops are available. Stalls selling perfumes, pottery and a fine range of decoration pieces will get you items on the best bargains.

  • 6

    Sunday (Up) Market has food stalls that are admired by the visitors. Home cooked food is usually sold, including decadent gourmet items as well.  Well priced vintage gear, crafts and jewelry can be found on many stalls.

  • 7

    Northcote Road Market is famous for having excellent shops where decent collection of clothing and accessories is sold. Besides ceramics, flowers and vintage clothes, stalls of fresh vegetables and fruits are also present at the Northcote Road Market.

  • 8

    Spitalfields Market has gone through massive changes over the years. With time, the range of variety as well as the stalls have increased and that is why people prefer visiting this market more than any other one.

  • 9

    Chiswick Farmers' Market and Fine Foods is a perfect place where people related to different age groups can not only shop but also spend some leisure time at the clubs, kid’s playgrounds and padding pool. Besides raw vegetables and fruits, ready-to-eat food stalls can also be found in large numbers.

  • 10

    Marylebone Farmers' Market is a great place for moms to get their weekly shopping done where they can easily buy all those things which are required in their daily cooking and managing the house. An exquisite collection of attire is also available at the boutiques, which is another reason why women frequent this market.

  • 11

    Petticoat Lane Market; every possible item that anyone can think of is available in the Petticoat Lane Market. The prices are extremely reasonable and shops' owners make sure that their products are sold at a good bargain. For many years the Asian communities have been visiting here for shopping for fine quality items.

  • 12

    Stables Market is a place where you will find exquisite clothing for people of all age groups. The quality of products is very good and they are sold at a reasonable price range.

  • 13

    Portobello Road Market’s stalls selling antique items and ready to eat food are the two main reasons why people revisit this place every week. The best part is that you will also get a chance to buy attire designed by prolific, emerging designers.

  • 14

    Queen's Market is one of those places where you will see people related to different communities buying and selling high quality products. The variety available here will force you to make repeated visits.

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