List of Top 20 Restaurants in London

London, the capital city of England, is the largest urban region and the most populous city of European Union. The growing population and the large number of visitors and tourists make it a center of diverse cultures and so, results in an increased demand for food places having local cuisines of different civilizations. The key features people consider while choosing a restaurant are the foodstuff, cost, and location. So looking at the list of top restaurants of London, it is affirmative that these places have the best locations, quality food and economic price range. Many of these restaurants have outlets across the world and their chefs have acquired international fame.


  • 1

    Le Gavroche

    The restaurant, located close to Hyde Park, is known for the classical French food it provides. Astonishing interior and comfortable and intimate environment of this eatery raises its rank to be one of the top restaurants in London.

  • 2

    Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

    This is a solo restaurant owned by Gordon Ramsay, a world famous chef. To experience luxurious dining, quality service and an aesthetic delight in terms of the interior - this is the best place.

  • 3

    Ronnie Scott's Club

    Ronnie Scott’s Club is a jazz club opened in 1959. It is run by musicians and is famous for the entertaining music it has to offer. In terms of food, it give tough competition to its peers but the music is this club's specialty.

  • 4

    The Wolseley

    It is a restaurant and grand café located at Piccadilly. The Wolseley is best known for its food and catering business dines, while the service provided is as delightfully pleasing as the food is.

  • 5

    Pizza Express Restaurants

    Pizza Express is a chain of restaurants having its outlets all over the world. It is one of the pioneers which introduced pizza in London, making everyone a pizza fan.

  • 6

    The Dorchester

    During the last 75 years, this luxury hotel has had the honor to host many prestigious personalities from showbiz to world leadership. Located near Hyde Park, it provides the best location for visitors.

  • 7

    Bob Bob Ricard

    Bob Bob Ricard offers a luxurious collection of English and Russian dishes. Its booth styled dining, unique design and extraordinary taste makes it one of its kind.

  • 8

    The Ledbury

    The Ledbury is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in London with an elegant interior and delicious food. It truly deserves the accolades awarded to it by many.

  • 9


    Belgo is a chain of restaurants famous for the Belgian food and beers it provides. It has a distinctive 1990’s architecture and a classical interior that leaves many people in awe of it.

  • 10

    Locanda Locatelli

    Although it is an Italian restaurant, but sea food is its forte. This is complemented by a kind staff at Locanda Locatelli which offers best services to its customers.

  • 11

    Tom Aikens Restaurant

    Tom Aikens Restaurant serves specialized French food with a modern touch. Its friendly staff and simple looking dining place are additional features of this eating place.

  • 12

    Charlotte Street Hotel

    It is a luxury five star hotel with facilities like screening room, meeting room, library, and gym. Charlotte Street Hotel is famous for its snacks.

  • 13

    Chez Bruce

    It is one of the most desired eating places of Londoners. Its simple interior, professional staff, and traditional French food raises its popularity graph among the locales and visitors alike.

  • 14

    Claridge's Hotel

    Clridge’s Hotel, best known for its exceptionally good high tea, is one of the oldest hotels in London. It has a royal style and that is why it has been a choice of many high profile personalities.

  • 15

    Hawksmoor Seven Dials

    This is one of the best steakhouses in London having mouth-watering British beef steaks served in a contemporary environment and by pleasantly ever-smiling staff.

  • 16

    Pied à Terre

    Pied à Terre offers a wide range of French cuisine and also hosts corporate lunches and dinners.  The elegant interior gives it a distinctive look, making many Pied a Terre a favorite choice in terms of food.

  • 17

    Paramount (level 32 members club)

    Either it is a private dinner or an event to be organized, Paramount is a good option. It is not only a bar with a scenic view of London, but a restaurant with a menu having a choice of tasty European dishes.

  • 18

    Bocca Di Lupo

    This is another Italian restaurant with a range of authentic Italian food stuff and wines that is serving its customers.  Though it is a small place. but it still deserves to be categorized amongst the top restaurants in London.

  • 19


    It is a Chinese restaurant that specializes in dim sum. It offers a choice of many different Chinese and Indian teas, while it can be considered a modern adaptation of an authentic Chinese tea house.

  • 20


    Aladin provides genuine taste of the famous dishes of the sub-continent. It has the finest curry options on its menu and this is the reason why BBC classifies it as the best curry house in London.

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