List of Tourist Attractions in London

London, the capital city of England and the United Kingdom is a leading global city that excels in every field one can possibly think of. when it comes to tourism, it is the third most internationally visited place in the world pertaining to the fact that it has something to offer for people from every walk of life regardless of their age. This is probably the reason for London Heathrow to be the world’s busiest airport, processing a huge number of international visitors annually.

For a tourist, London has plenty of attractions; from museums to galleries, amusement parks and heritage sites to theatre and cinema.  What actually makes it tick is the fact that all of these places can be approached easily through a bus, metro, car, cycle or simply walking.


  • 1

    British Museum:

    The world famous British museum encompasses the work of man from the prehistoric era to the modern times from all around the world. The museum itself has a wonderful history. Entry for visitors is free but you may require tickets for special exhibitions. Some of the most intriguing features of the museum include the Rosetta stone, predynastic Egyptian man and the Parthenon sculptures among many others.

  • 2

    Buckingham Palace:

    Located between the Green park, Hyde park and St. James park Buckingham Palace is the Queens official and main royal home in London. It's a must watch for all those who fancy royal life.

  • 3

    London Eye:

    Situated on the banks of river Thames,  London eye is a Ferris wheel which is one of the major landmarks of London known for its breathtaking view of London from a height of 135 meters.

  • 4

    Madam Tussuad:

    Located in central London Madame Tussuad is acknowledged world wide for its finesse in creating wax figures of celebrities. Featuring the most famous celebrities  from around the world this museum gives you a near real life experience of meeting all your beloved celebrities in one go.

  • 5

    The tower of London:

    Residing on the north bank of River Thames, the tower of London has played a prominent role in the English history and tells the tales of royal life, prison, murder, execution and the crown jewels and is a high interest to the people with a niche for history.

  • 6

    Trafalgar Square:

    Situated in central London, the Trafalgar square is a public space cut out in a square and is adorned with statues, sculptures and contemporary art. This place is the perfect spot for the tourists looking for a casual hang out and for those who have a special love for arts.

  • 7

    Hyde Park:

    One of London finest landscape, the Hyde park covers over 350 acres of area and emits a mellow appeal to the tourists. Abundant in both flora and fauna this park holds out an opportunity to feel the nature closely and is the perfect spot for tourists who want to spend a day in close proximity of nature.

  • 8

    Piccadilly Circus:

    Located at London west end, the Piccadilly circus is a famous traffic intersection and a busy meeting point. showcasing a lot of neon signs and video displays this place is close to major shopping and entertaining areas and is the perfect spot for tourists cum shopaholics.

  • 9

    London Zoo:

    Situated in Regent’s Park, the London zoo is one of the best tourist attractions in London. featuring a variety of more then 755 species of animals this place is home to some of the fiercest animals. It enables the tourists to experience wildlife while being on a safe distance.

  • 10

    Tate Modern:

    The trip to London isn’t complete without giving a visit to this place. Tate modern is Britain’s national museum of modern and contemporary arts which displays masterpieces from around the world. This place is perfect for quenching the thirst of arts and is a vision for sore eyes.

  • 11

    Natural History Museum:

    Famous for being one of the largest collection of natural history in the world the natural history museum is the perfect place to explore our history in depth. Featuring skeletons of dinosaurs, mammals and other things this place is a must visit place!

  • 12

    London Dungeon:

    Recreating the glory, dark time of London, the London dungeon is a famous tourist attraction that shows the darker side of London. It’s a must visit place for those who dare to think London as all glam and glitter.

  • 13

    Westminster Abby:

    One of the most famous tourist attraction which is mainly a Gothic church, Westminster Abby is  famous for holding the funeral services of princess Diana as well as hosting the Royal wedding ceremonies. Tourists from all around the world visit this place to pay their tribute to the beloved princess.

  • 14

    Carnaby Street:

    One of the most popular fun places, the Carnaby street is a shopping street in London which is home to some of the funkiest brands and the best place for tourists craving not only shopping but a complete make over in terms of taste and style.

  • 15

    The London Aquarium:

    Located nearby the River Thames, The London Aquarium is the perfect spot for those who are fascinated by marine life. Housing everything from Gentoo Penguins to tropical sharks this place wows the people with its ambiance.

  • 16

    Thorpe Park:

    For the tourists looking out to have some thrill and adventure in their life, Thorpe park is the place to be at. Featuring some of the best rides this park will give you a life time experience of thrill and excitement.

  • 17


    If you want an up, close and personal experience of the glitz and glamor that represent London, Harrods is a must visit place. One of the world’s most exclusive departmental stores where the royal family shops, Harrods is a treat to tourists.

  • 18

    Big Ben:

    Erected on the banks of River Thames, Big Ben is the world's most loved clock tower that attracts tourists from all over the world for not only its breath taking beauty but also for its sheer structure and intriguing architecture.

  • 19

    Thames River Cruise:

    One of the best way for a tourist to see London is the Thames River cruise. Weaving its way through the heart of London this cruise is famous not only for passing by some of the most famous London attractions but also because of its open upper decks and spacious lower saloons having panoramic windows that pamper the tourists while they enjoy the serene beauty of London.

  • 20

    Royal Observatory Greenwich:

    Famous worldwide for housing the prime meridian i-e a great circle that divides the sphere. This is the most famous tourist attraction in the world. Situated on a hill in Greenwich park this place played a major role in the history of astronomy and navigation and is visited by flocks of tourists from around the globe.

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