List of TV Channels Broadcasting London Olympics

In past four decades fee for broadcasting Olympics has drastically increased. In London Olympics 2012, it has been increased up to 100%, but still people from around the world will watch live events in their home countries. Thanks to the local broadcasting channels. The home broadcaster is British Broadcasting Corporation who is honored to show the competition of 5000 hours on various channels.

The interesting part is that few broadcasters have already fortified their 3D live transmissions which are BBC, CCTV, Eurosport, NBC, Nine Network and Sky Sport. Youtube has become NBS’s partner; these summer games can also be viewed through live streaming. People living in all six continents will be lucky enough to view the live transmission, through their respective TV channels.


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    TV Channels of Africa & Middle East:

    In Africa, South Africa is the only country where channel SABC and Super Star will broadcast the games. In Middle East the broadcaster is Arab States Broadcasting Union.

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    TV Channels of South & East Asia:

    Eurosprot and ESPN are mainly responsible for broadcasting the XXX Olympiad in Asia. But there are various other channels who will provide live transmission in their respective countries. The list of countries along with their broadcaster is rearranged below:

    Turkey –TRT
    China – CCTV
    Chinese Taipei – ELTA, PTS, CTV, CTS, FTV, TTV
    Hong Kong - i-Cable
    Japan – NHK
    Malaysia – RTM
    North Korea – SBS
    Panama – Corporación Medcom
    Peru – América Televisión
    Philippines – Solar Entertainment Corporation
    Singapore – mio TV
    Sri Lanka – SLRC
    Macau – CCTV

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    TV Channels of Europe:

    Eleven countries of Europe are auspicious enough to broadcast the prestigious event of 2012:

    Bulgaria – BNT
    Europe – Eurosport, European Broadcasting Union
    France – France Télévisions
    Germany – ARD, ZDF
    Italy – RAI, Sky Italia
    Portugal – RTP
    Spain – RTVE
    Sweden – SVT
    Switzerland – SRG SSR
    United Kingdom - BBC, Sky Sports

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    TV Channels of North America:

    An American channel NBC will be paying approximately 32% more fee than it did in 2008 Olympics. Besides US, TV channels which will bring live transmission to homes in other South American countries are mentioned below:

    Canada – CTV Olympics (CTV / RDS / Sportsnet / TSN)
    Cuba – ICRT
    Mexico – Televisa
    Latin America - Grupo Albavisión1 / Terra Networks2

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    TV Channels of OCEANIA:

    In Australia 2GB, Foxtel and Nine Network will be the broadcasters, where as in New Zealand, Prime and Sky Network Television will broadcast the Games.

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    TV Channels of South America:

    In South America ESPN and Latin America are successful enough to acquire the authority of broadcasting 2012 London Olympics. Besides that the detail for other  South American countries is as follows:

    Argentina – TyC
    Brazil – BandSports ,ESPN Brasil, Rede Record, SporTV
    Chile – Canal 13, TVN
    Columbia – Caracol TV
    Venezuela – teleSUR

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