List of Valentine Party Venues in London

Valentines day is usually a very romantic and intimate day for couples who are celebrating their love and commitment to each other. Most people choose to go to candle lit dinners or other venues that offer privacy and time alone. Some prefer time at home and give each other chocolate and flowers. However, there are some individuals who do not have some one special in there lives or are just bored of the same old Valentine day routine. If you are looking to do some thing exciting then going to a Valentine party in London might just be the antidote to your boredom.


  • 1

    Peacock Bar, is a unique burlesque, cabaret and cocktail bar club that has some great Valentine day events. Hollywood  Stars Valentine's  Day Dinner is a special event that is an 80's themed party.

  • 2

    Pacha, is throwing a Space Valentines Ball that attracts an older more sophisticated article. They have numerous DJ's and a exclusive guest list for the event.

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    Proud Cabaret, will be having their Voix De Ville Valentines Special. The show has music, dance and drinks for cabaret fans.

  • 4

    Hidden, is featuring Dub Nation the day before Valentine day for all bass and drum enthusiasts. The 8 hour party will require tickets for entry.

  • 5

    Egg, will be throwing their Bodymove The Love Ball on February 12. The Valentine Day event is meant to get your body moving to great DJ tracks and drinks.

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    Museum of London, is hosting a special Pleasure Garden Ball for Valentine day. The Georgian inspired theme will be accompanied with drinks and dancing.

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