List of Vintage Shops in London

Vintage clothing and other household items are often cheap as compared to the new ones but that’s not the case every time, because sometimes you can come across a unique vintage collection that will cost you more as compared to what new items would. Most vintage items such as clothes, watches, shoes or any other household stuff can easily be found in specific vintage or charity shops in London, as it is one of the oldest cities with a huge number of charity shops present in all of its corners. If you’re planning to buy vintage items for yourself or your home, do visit one of the shops listed below.


  • 1

    Absolute Vintage

    Absolute Vintage is one of the top vintage stores in the world and is also listed in world’s top 100 shops to visit. The store features a huge range of vintage hats, shoes, gloves, de rigueur clothes and more than 1000 different types of vintage shoe varieties.

  • 2

    Beyond Retro

    Beyond Retro is mostly visited and loved by fashion students and stylists. The shop features a massive warehouse with more than 10000 items stocked inside, including all types of clothing and accessories for men, women and children.

  • 3

    The East End Thrift Store

    The East End Thrift Store is one of the best vintage shops in the city that also offers a variety of previous year used items and all for a very reasonable price ranging from £7 to £10.

  • 4


    Oxfam is located in East London and is a very famous shop that offers a thrift collection of vintage clothing, dolls, board games, homewares, children toys and accessories. You can even buy an Alexander McQueen suit in £50.

  • 5


    Traid is not just an ordinary shop with old high street items in low prices. They have a huge range of vintage items including a variety of designer items ranging from woman wool Aquascutum coat to blazers.

  • 6

    Wow Retro

    Wow Retro has two branches located in London; one on the Mercer Street and the other on the Drury Lane. The shop stocks a variety of 1960 items including western shirts, cowboy boots. You can also buy men’s black APC jeans in £25.

  • 7

    Pop Boutique

    The pop boutique was first opened in Manchester and then they opened the London branch in 1996 on Monmouth Street. The Pop Boutique offers a huge collection of vintage accessories, clothing and homeware items.

  • 8

    Radio Days

    Radio Days was opened in November 1993 and it offers vintage collection for all ages.  They also sell 1920 to 1980s clothing magazines, papers and household items.

  • 9

    Rokit Vintage Clothing

    Rokit Vintage Store is the largest and one of the best vintage stores in United Kingdom with a huge collection of items. Their main specialty is vintage clothing and they stock vintage designer items as well.

  • 10

    Berty and Gerty

    Berty and Gerty is a nice vintage shop to visit. You can find many types of hand selected items in there, ranging from vintage accessories to bags and boots.

  • 11

    Painted Black

    Painted Black is a nice addition to few of the famous vintage shops in Crouch End. It is located steps away from Park Road and offers all types of vintage collection of clothes, home decoration items, cameras and men & women accessories in a very reasonable price.

  • 12


    Persiflage is a hidden gem in a corner of second floor of Marylebone's Alfies antique market. Persiflage is surely one of the best vintage shops in London as it offers a massive collection of vintage clothing from the 1920's to 1970's, with a huge stock of linen variety on the shelves.

  • 13

    Mrs Moore

    Mrs Moore is a specialized vintage shop that will not offer you clothes or accessories but it has something that is more amazing and charming - vintage tea sets. The collection is huge and Mrs Moore has a nice and authentic variety of tea sets. This range also includes old china, which are considered to be the best teas sets and serve as a perfect gift.

  • 14

    Cafe-cum-shop Crimson Heart

    It is a mixture of a vintage store and a classic tea room which offers classical vintage atmosphere to offer tea and some beautiful vintage items.

  • 15


    Levisons is a classic vintage shop specialized in providing classical hand selected menswear ranging from the 20's to 70's . The shop is more focussed on menswear but you can also find a small section of women wear with an incredible collection of 50's summer dresses.

  • 16

    Peekaboo Vintage

    Peekaboo Vintage is a classic store that stocks a massive variety of top shop's flagship items for more than a decade now. The store offers classic men's and women's outfits at a very reasonable rate.

  • 17

    Blitz Vintage Department Store

    This classical vintage store is located just away from Brick Lane on the Hanbury Street and is running in an old fashioned warehouse for a more classic and vintage touch. It is a massive store which stocks all types of vintage items ranging from clothing to home décor products.

  • 18

    This Shop Rocks

    This Shop Rocks is a classical store that stocks a massive variety of hand picked women's clothing and accessories from the 1900's to 1950's. It is one of the best and most visited vintage shops in the Brick Lane area.

  • 19

    Ribbons and Taylors

    Ribbons and Taylors holds an impressive collection of vintage items for men and women ranging from clothing to accessories from the 50's to 80's.

  • 20

    Lost ’N’ Found

    Lost ’N’ Found is undoubtedly one of the best vintage shops in Camden market London. It is a double floor store with a massive collection of vintage items from the 50's. The store also stocks old designer items and you can even find T-Bird-esque leather jackets in £80.

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