Totteridge & Whetstone Tube Station London

Located on the Northern side of London and running through Northern Line, the Totteridge and Whetstone tube station was opened on 1 April 1872 under the supervision of Great Northern Railway. With the start of Northern heights project, the station underwent some modifications in its line system and was incorporated with London Underground. Afterwards, on 14 April 1940, the train system was started on Northern Line and the goods yards, which was the main reason for its usage, was closed down. Since then, the station has been serving to connect High Barnet and Woodside Park stations. Technically, it runs through travel card zone 4 and helps about 1.7 million commuters to travel across London. With this number of usage, the station provides many facilities like payphones, car parking, waiting room, toilets along with an entrance and exit both through Totteridge Lane. Places to explore near Totteridge & Whetstone Tube Station.


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    Restaurants & Coffee Shops

    A busy neigbourhood of this station has restaurants with cuisines from different countries of the world. With a complete range of taste, these fulfill the true desire of people in its nearby areas.

    Alfresco-The Italian Place, Totteridge Brasserie & Ask Restaurants

    Coffee Shops:
    Costa Coffee & Coffee Culture

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    Clubs & Bars

    As the sun sets, many restaurants turn into clubs and bars but there are many that cater only to those people who want dedicated clubs and bars with their distinctive ambiance. And some of those are listed below:

    I Bar, Sutra, N20 Building, The Griffin & The Three Horseshoes

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    Hotels & Accommodations

    The busy streets around this station are equipped with well known hotels, guest houses, hostels and all other types of accommodation that a traveller or tourist can need.

    Travelodge Hotel, Heatherbank Guest House, Glenlyn Guest House & The Corner Lodge

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    Sights and Attractions

    As the station opertes in a busy and crowded location, it has many such locations that present the attractive side of London. However, there are very few that you can find at walking distance from the station.

    Francis Skaryna Belarusian Library and Museum, Finchley Fine Art Galleries, Oil paintings by Gosia Kryk & Swan Lane Open Space

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    Educational Institutes

    The busy roads in nearby areas of the station display have all kinds of education. University, college, school, pre-school, technical colleges and other types of educations is easily available on this side of London.

    Buckingham College Of London, Queenswell Infant & Nursery School, St John's C Of E Primary School, Magic Daycare Nursery & Uk-ccl

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    Gift & Bookshops

    Because of an increasing number of educational institutes, many book shops and gift centres have opened. All those, who are book lovers or want to buy a gift for someone special, should not be worried because they can easy locate a book shop or gift centre around this place.

    Beauty Secrets Ltd, Emc Advertising Gifts, Smoking Gun Books Ltd, The Vine Christian Book Shop & Waterstone's Booksellers Ltd

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    Health & Beauty Services

    With the increasing demand of perfect physical fitness and beauty, health and beauty centres have become a major attraction for people throughout London. However, this area has very few such attractions that lie within one mile distance.

    Oxygen Fit, Boots Pharmacy, Becketts, Beauty Secrets Ltd, Nayu Hair & Beauty

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    Emergency Services

    Anyone can panic, if a sudden problem or accident occurs, but things become easy if you have information of the nearby emergency services. In this area, the London administration operates ambulance, fire brigade, and police service.

    Abbey Fire Alarms Ltd, Whetstone Police Station & Metropolitan Police Service Whetstone

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    Hospitals & clinics

    Just like other facilties, the city government understands the need of health services such hospitals and clinics. Therefore, a number of government hospitals and clinics are available in this area. Besides this, many private health centres are also available.

    Springdene Hospital, Healthgear, Totteridge Dental Studio, Technobody & Garber Keith

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