How to Get Police Community Support Officer Jobs in London

PCSOs, or Police Community Support Officers provide a helping hand to the work of regular police force. While supporting the workings of regular police and do tasks like patrolling the streets, offering their assistance to the police at scenes of crime, and dealing with minor offences.

This gives Police Community Support Officers a sense of achievement by being helping members of the society. Although they are not at the same threshold of that of the regular police but their duties make them stand nowhere lower than them. Sharing some powers of the police, the PCSOs can even conduct house to house enquiries.

If you are looking to be a Police Community Support Office in London, then there are a few simple steps that need to be followed.


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    Although people from all walks of life, genders, race and ethnicities can become PCSOs but there are still a few perquisites to follow. These include being an individual who has confidence, level-headedness and maturity to deal with untoward and unforeseen situations.

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    Experience of dealing with tricky situations and difficult people is another factor that needs to be looked into.

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    Having good communication skills to deal with the general public is preferred. This trait helps in talking to people who need counseling.

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    Being physically fit is of utmost importance since there are times when long hours of patrolling by foot is required.

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    If this area of law is deemed to be of your interest and you think you have the capabilities to expect a long, fruitful career with the police then visit Police Recruitment’s website for more information and guidelines on how to apply.

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