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Tower of London is situated in heart of London and it is one of the most marvelous historic buildings ever built by mankind. The tower reflects the greatness of British Empire and it also reflects the luxurious living style of the royal family about 900 years ago, and ever since it was built, it has gone through major refurbishment and improvement works. Tower of London is a must to go place as it offers many entertaining activities and it also shows the reflection of Great British kings and queens. You can do several things while you visit the Tower of London including; visits to ravens, the White Tower, the Jewel House, the Royal Beasts and Yeoman Warder Tours. Visiting Tower of London will serve you as a great holiday treat. Following is some more general information that you would need before visiting the palace.


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    The tower was built in 1080's and has seen a few renovations since then, which aimed to upkeep its magnificent historical architecture. It is also interesting to know that this place was used as a prison for centuries and the first prison escape from this tower was in 1101. There have also been rumors of ghosts of people who used to be hanged there.

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    Among the many things that attract people to visit the Tower of London, some are listed below;

    - The White Tower
    - Fit for a king - an exhibition of armors that the kings used to wear in olden days.
    - A variety of different jewels and gems.
    - Stories about animals that were kept in the Tower.
    - Prisoners' exhibitions that relay stories of different people who were imprisoned there.

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    Operational hours:

    The tower is open from Tuesday to Saturday at 9 AM to 4:30 PM while on Sundays and Mondays, it can be found open at 10 AM to 4:30 PM. The last admission in the tower is at 4 PM.

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    The ticket prices always vary depending on the days, so keep checking the Ticket Booking Website. You can also buy their membership to get discounted or free entries. For more information about membership, please visit their Membership Page.

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    The Tower of London, London, England, EC3N 4AB, United Kingdom.

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    How to get to the Tower of London

    By Tube:

    The nearest tube station to the Tower of London is the Tower Hill tube station. If you're coming out of there and taking a car, move East on Tower Hill A/100 and then make a Uturn at A12010/Mansell St. Turn left onto A100 and then turn left on Water Ln. Take another left onto Lower Thames St to get to the tower. View map for more details.

    By Bus:

    The nearest stop to the Tower of London is Stop TB and buses number 15, 715, 716, 717, 719 and 720 travel on it.

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