Bell Lane Primary School London

School should be fun so that children show keen interest in learning and acquire quality education, which is why the management of Bell Lane Primary school has facilitated students with a friendly and conducive environment. Along with education, according to the teachers there who are highly qualified, the other important factor which cannot be ignored is the fundamental values. Children are endowed with all sorts of opportunities which can help them in building up their confidence and utilize their skills and capabilities in order to meet success in future. Besides educational institute, a day care center with secure and comfortable environment is also available. Parents who hesitate in leaving their kids alone with a baby sitter can definitely contact Bell Lane Children Center, where children can freely play and spend some leisure time among several other kids.

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    Services at Bell Lane Primary School:

    Various fun activities are organized in which children along with their parents can participate.

    Special support is provided to broken families or those who are suffering from financial crises.

    IT workshops are also organized at the center for adults who have very less knowledge about the computer and its usage.

    Along with healthy activities, healthy food is also given to children in breakfast club and at other meal times.

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    Bell Lane Primary School’s Operational Hours:

    From Monday till Friday the nursery operates between 8:00 am – 6:00 pm, while during holidays, the timings are from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.

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    How to Contact Bell Lane Primary School:

    No doubt parents are always striving to provide their children a high quality environment where the kid only adapts positive aspects of life. If you are looking for a nursery which makes your child happy and give him/her a chance to grow, then do not waste any time and contact Bell Lane Primary School.

    Contact: +44 20 8203 3115

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    Careers and Training at Bell Lane Primary School:

    If you wish to be part of this center as a nursery nurse or a teacher, then send your application or request form on the address given below:


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    Bell Lane Primary School Location:

    Bell La, London NW4 2AS, United Kingdom.

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    How to Get to Bell Lane Primary School:

    0.7 miles away from the nursery, the tracks of Hendon Central station have been laid. It takes 15 minutes to cover the distance between the two locations. On the Queen’s Road/Vivian Ave/B551 in the southeast, cover a distance of .4 miles and after passing the roundabout, take a right turn and continue your walk on the Bell Ln. You will find yourself in the premises of Bell Lane Primary School, after covering a 0.2 mile distance. Directions from Hendon Central to Bell Lane Primary School will give you further information.

    By Bus:

    Bell Lane (Stop W) bus station is a few feet away from the school. You can take route number 183 or 240 of Golders Green, which will drop you at this station.

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