List of Vioxx Lawyers in London

Vioxx is a medicine taken to relieve arthritis pain and muscle discomfort. The medicine is introduced by the Merck pharmaceutical company with its medical name, Rofecoxib. It is taken orally by the patients with arthritis or other conditions of chronic pains. As some negative effects are often associated with the pharmaceutical products, vioxx may also put negative effects if not taken properly. If you have developed symptoms that you believe are associated with Vioxx prescription, you should contact a Vioxx lawyer in London. Vioxx lawyer can help you get compensation of the injuries you endured due to long term usage of medicine. Below is the list of some vioxx lawyers in London:


  • 1

    SheridanLaw Solicitors, is a law firm which offers its services in various sectors since 1983. They also deal in Pharmacutical, biotechnology and health related cases.

  • 2

    Bevan Brittan, is a law firm which has a specialised team in the field of medical field. They also covers pharmacutical, biotechnology related issues

  • 3

    Scott-Moncrieff & Associates deal in various sectors including medical and health. They offer services in medicine related issues.

  • 4

    Pattinson and Brewer, offer legal services from their London office. Their qualified and experienced lawyers provide services in pharmacutical and biotechnology affairs.

  • 5

    Watmores Solicitors, offer services in many sectors inclduing legal affairs like medicine negative effects.

  • 6

    Bolt Burdon Kemp, is a team of qualified and experienced lawyers offering services in the field of medicine and other health related issues.

  • 7

    Pannone has more than 300 lawyers specialised each having more than 10 years of experience in the field of medical cases. They can cover vioxx related issues.

  • 8

    Parlett Kent, has been practicing in the clinical negligence field since 1980. They are considered one of the top medical and health related firms in the country.

  • 9

    Quality Solicitors Freeman Harris, Best firm to provide solicitors who have depth of relevant knowledge and best expertise to handle cases inclduing vioxx, celebrex, zyphrx, or other medicine issues.

  • 10

    Ridouts Solicitors, is niche practice of outstanding health and social care related issues that happen with patients like medicine negative effects and malpractice.

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