List of Youth Football Leagues in Ottawa

The term “football” is used to refer to different types of sports – in most parts of the world, football is taken to mean soccer, while in America and Canada, it is a different sport entirely. American football/Canadian football is a game that features 11 (in the American version of the game) or 12 (in the Canadian version of the game) players on each side. The game is played with the goal of advancing by running and passing the ball by hand, and scoring in the opposing team’s end zone. An extremely popular sport of a raw, physical nature, American/Canadian football has a frenzied fan following, and requires a great deal of athleticism and strategic planning.

Being the Canadian capital, Ottawa is a hub for many things including sports. For athletically-inclined youngsters, the city contains numerous youth football leagues.


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    National Capital Amateur Football Association (NCAFA)

    With 16 clubs, and more than 5,000 members between the ages of 8-19, the NCAFA has been serving the Ottawa area since 1955. Among the largest Canadian amateur tackle football associations, the NCAFA is a member of the Ontario Football Alliance and Football Canada, and has been contributing significantly to the growth of the sport.

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    Nepean Redskins

    Founded in August 1978 by Mr. J. Jones, the club has gone on to develop into a large football organization, which consists of five levels of play, from ages 8 to 19. The option of flag football is available for the youngest members, and the other programs offered by the club include tackle football, girls touch football, and cheerleading. The Nepean Redskins club plays on Bob Stephen Field.

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    Kanata Knights Football Club

    This football club, located in the city’s west end, is geared towards providing boys and girls aged 8-19 a chance to learn and play the game. The league’s focus is on the development of both physical and social skills. Offering programs in tackle football, touch football and cheerleading, the Kanata Knights Football Club was founded in 1970, and is a member of the National Capital Amateur Football Association (NCAFA).

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    Ottawa Nepean Touch Football League

    With four seasons ranging from May to March, the league has approximately 1,900 men and women participating in one of 12 divisions of play. The ONTFL operates during four seasons - the Spring League (from May to June), the Regular Season (from July to September), the Fall Season (from August to November) and the Winter Indoor Season (from November to March).

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    Myers Riders Football Club

    Established in 1974 as a result of the merger of the Queensway Titans and the South West Vikings, this club offers competitive and well organized youth football in the Ottawa area. Being a member club of the Ontario Varsity Football League and the National Capital Amateur Football Association, the Myers Riders are also affiliated with the Ottawa Junior Riders of the Quebec Junior Football League.

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