London Markets Calendar

In order to visit a market in the British capital, one should be familiar with the London Markets Calendar, as not every market opens six or seven days in a week. In addition to this, every market in London has its own specialty which makes it different from others. So if a person is not familiar with what he or she is going to get from a market, it will devastate their shopping experience. Therefore, to avoid such a bad experience, one should go through London Markets Calendar before visiting a marketplace in London as it specifies merits of the various markets.


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    Monday Markets

    Although not many people like Monday as it is the first working day of the week, but Londoners can find several markets open on this day. This is a day when a large number of market traders set up their stalls and shops, and shoppers can find a variety of items; from antique markets to farmers markets, various other markets open on Monday.

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    Tuesday Markets

    Tuesdays’ markets are not much different from Monday as these market places open in large numbers. However, the markets which dominate Tuesday are the ones with a huge variety of food items. Therefore, Londoners can enjoy buying fruits from a wide assortment and at economical rates. Most prominent of Tuesday markets in London are Chapel Market, Spitalfields, and Albeit.

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    Wednesday Markets

    One of the great days to visit different markets in the British capital is Wednesday. As shoppers can shop in bulk by purchasing fruits and vegetables for the entire week along with other items such as replica football kits, novelty ashtrays and inexpensive mobile phone covers on cheap rates. Most famous Wednesday markets in the capital are Walthamstow and Shepherds’ Bush.

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    Thursday Markets

    Extensive range of fruits, vegetables, antiques, and vintage items are available in Thursday markets of London. However, the atmosphere of Thursday markets vary from each other as some are best for browsing things in a pleasant and quite environment like in Spitalfields Market, whereas in other marketplaces, traders can be found bellowing on their stalls and offering goods at great value.

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    Friday Markets

    Friday is another fine day to shop in the markets of London as one can easily get the opportunity to buy the best indie fashion and vintage deals before the shopping crowd increases on the weekend. Portobello market is ranked pretty high when it comes to such deals in Friday markets of London. Aside from this, clothing and food markets can also be found open on this day from where shoppers can purchase things at economical rates early in the day.

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    Saturday Markets

    The most popular markets on Saturday, which Londoners are used to visiting, include Broadway Market and Portobello Market. All sorts of products can be bought on reasonable prices and at a high quality.

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    Sunday Markets

    Sunday is the most prominent day of the week as it is a common holiday for majority of the people in London. Therefore, on Sunday, shoppers will find several big markets open. The best flower market in the capital also opens on Sunday. However, the market in Brick Lane region and Spitalfields takes the cake from the rest because of the vailability of a wide variety of products draws customers to these marketplaces.

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    Farmers’ Markets

    Aside from the daily base markets in London, Britons can also find mouth watering food at great value from the farmers’ markets set up in the capital. These farmers’ markets are specialised in producing high quality and well sourced wares. Moreover, access to most of these famers’ markets from various areas of London is also easy.

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    Car Boot-Sales

    Other than the regular food, clothing, antiques shopping, Londoners also have an edge because they can get their hands on best car-boot sales or second hand items. Special markets for this kind of stuff are set up in London from where people look for car boot-sales because everyone loves to have a good bargain. Additionally, advantage of car boot sale markets in London is that a shopper would not have to wake up early to get to these markets in order to find the best deals.

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