London Pavilion Shopping Centre

London Pavilion Shopping Centre is a different sort of a shopping arcade as compared to the typical ones located in other areas of London. This complex is used for holding private events, weddings, awards, dinners, fun days, luncheon, conferences, fashion shows and product launching functions. This venue has a space for up to one thousand guests so it is mostly used for contemporary events. In short, this pavilion has more to offer than usual shopping malls that just have cafes, restaurants and cinemas in them, aside from the shopping outlets. In addition to this, visitors can also find various attractions near London Pavilion Shopping Centre, which they can visit after getting free from this venue.

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    Things to Do at London Pavilion Shopping Centre:

    London Pavilion Shopping Centre is not only a shopping arcade, but it also offers a lot to the visitors including the Trocadero Centre, an entertainment complex. London Pavilion Shopping Centre is a part of this entertainment complex.

    Awards Dinners

    Arrange a business function or a prestigious event at the fine space available in London Pavilion Shopping Centre.


    London Pavilion Shopping Centre is also open for the booking of weddings.

    Fun Days

    Not only can events or weddings be organized at London Pavilion Shopping Centre, but it also offers indoor and outdoor space for family Fun Day or Team Building.

    Private Events

    This is a flexible establishment, where one can also hold private events.


    With special indoor and outdoor decor, London Pavilion Shopping Centre is a fine place to organise luncheons.


    In addition to the aforementioned things, London Pavilion Shopping Centre is also considered as a unique venue for holding various conferences.


    London Pavilion Shopping Centre provides its clients 800 square meters space, where they can arrange exhibitions quite conveniently.

    Fashion Shows

    Ramp and stages can also be set for a fashion show at London Pavilion Shopping Centre.

    Product Launches

    Different companies use London Pavilion Shopping Centre’s space for launching their products as well.

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    Nearest Attractions:

    Numerous attractions are located close to London Pavilion Shopping Centre, where visitors can go after completing their shopping at this complex. Some of the nearest attractions are arranged below for your interest:

    Ripley's Believe It Or Not!, The Royal Academy of Arts, St James's Church, Trafalgar Square, St Anne's Church Anglican, Benjamin Franklin House, Spencer House, The Banqueting House, Horse Guards Parade, St James's Palace, Royal Opera House & many more.

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    London Pavilion Shopping Centre Location:

    1 Piccadilly Circus, London Haymarket W1J 0TR, United Kingdom.

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    How to get to London Pavilion Shopping Centre:

    By Tube

    Piccadilly Circus tube station is in the neighbourhood of London Pavilion Shopping Centre, so visitors wouldn’t face much difficulty in reaching this shopping complex on foot from the London underground. All they need to do is move west on Coventry Street/A4 towards Piccadilly Circus after coming out of Piccadilly Circus tube station, and they will find this shopping complex right in front. view map

    By Bus

    Bus users should take bus numbers 14, 19, 38, N19 and N38 in order to get to the nearest bus stop, Trocadero Haymarket (Stop H) of London Pavilion Shopping Centre. After arriving at Trocadero Haymarket (Stop H), visitors should move in the south on Shaftesbury Avenue/A401 towards Coventry Street/A4 and turn left onto Coventry Street/A4. Continue on this course and soon they’ll find the destination on their left.

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