Lose Weight in a Fun Way With Skipping

Skipping is a fun and calorie-burning exercise which can be done anywhere. It’s known to be one of the best weight-bearing work-outs. Before I go into the benefits of skipping, let me tell you what is a weight bearing exercise? It is when your weight is supported by your legs and feet. This is good for your joints and muscles as it strengthen it.  It also improves bone density which means your risk of getting osteoporosis is lowered. There have been studies proving that skipping burns more calories than cycling and running. It works on many parts of the body especially on the gluteals and thighs.

When you swing the rope, you’re also working on your arms and shoulders.  Jumping up and down also reduces facial fat and keeps your body toned. Skipping for an hour burns roughly 1,300 calories. That is the equivalent of 2 meals. Many sportsmen and women take up skipping as their usual workout. Celebrities such as the singer Katy Perry also loves skipping and does double jumps and crosses with her rope.

The best part of skipping is that it costs nothing. The only thing you need to buy is the skipping rope. You can go for the leather professional rope to just skipping with your child’s skipping rope. It doesn’t really matter because you’re still doing the exercise. Argos also now offers ropes that come with a timer and calorie counter. Skipping is also a great cardio workout according to the US Olympics committees and American college of medicine. It also helps keep your blood pressure low. Just take out 20-60 minutes of your day preferably in the morning and get your heart working. If you are already into skipping, then you should try for a lighter PVC skipping rope allowing you to skip faster.

Skipping is suitable for all ages, even for children. It increases rhythm and coordination.  One thing I love about skipping is that it is an easy exercise. It doesn’t depress you like other work-outs. It’s something that everyone can do at a pace that is suitable for them. You don’t need to go to the gym to be put off by other people. You can do it alone or as a family and can compete with your loved ones. Also for the women that want to get a better posture and bust should take up this exercise and commit to it. Skipping isn’t just used as a work-out but it is a great way to warm up too. You can also combine abdominal workout with your skipping to make it more effective.

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