Lose weight without trying : The lazy tips to lose weight

How to Lose weight without trying : The lazy tips for losing weight.

We all know that drinking 2L of water and having 5 fruits a day will wash out the toxins. But how many of us do this?  We all know exercise will keep the cellulites away, but how many of us can be bothered to sign up to our nearest gym? And if you have signed up to a gym, how many times did we ACTUALLY go? I can guarantee you that one of your New Year’s resolutions was to join the gym and lose weight. But I understand it’s hard to find time, to drop everything and strictly stick to a routine. It’s also a put off to go to a gym and see the person next to you racing 30mph on the treadmill. Let’s face it, going to the gym isn’t a long term goal to lose weight, there must be an easier way to drop some pounds.

Ok, so we want something that is cheap, great for the body-inside and out and doesn’t interfere with our daily routine. The answer is as simple as……water. Now before i go into how water can make you lose weight, let’s go over the benefits of water.


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    So we all know that 60% of our body is made up of water. We lose water through perspiration, excretion and through breathing so water is vital to our daily needs. Water keeps the skin healthy and youthful. It’s also great for the digestive system and urinary system and helps balances our homeostasis. Water on its own has shown to speed up metabolism and its more effective in the morning.

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    Drinking hot water isn’t the same as drinking cold water. It has more of an effect. Have you noticed when you drink hot drinks, you feel fuller? When you’re at work and you feel peckish, you would instantly go and put the kettle on. Even a glass of milk is different when you drink it hot or cold. Next time when you’re hungry, drink hot milk and the time after that drink cold milk. You will notice a massive difference.

    I had never drunk hot water alone before. It was only until I started reading an article online stating that drinking hot water was good for clearing the skin. So i tried drinking hot water one morning. I did not intend to lose weight with this. So on the first day, i drank a big mug of hot water.

    Normally i would get hungry at lunchtime, but i didn’t feel hungry until much later. It was shocking to not feel the urge to eat, i actually felt full. I skipped my lunch and had dinner. At first, i didn’t think anything of it, so I didn’t take any notice. But then, i realised it was happening everyday and i started to lose weight.

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    That is when I looked into it further and found Hot water does number of things in our body:

    It breaks down fat deposits
    It help in weight loss
    Body has burn calories to take the hot water to equilibrium state
    Because body gets busy with using hot water to break down fast deposits, it actually forgets about hunger
    hot water with lemon helps you lose weight because of Pectin Fiber in lemon


    I had to stop drinking hot water because I didn’t want to lose weight. It was after i stopped drinking hot water,  my eating routine went back to normal.

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    Yes, we all know water is tasteless, but as you drink more of it on daily basis, it actually becomes a habit. It won’t be long before your body actually asks you for it. As mentioned above, you can add either lemon or honey to make the taste a bit better. There have been studies that have shown that drinking hot water with lemon speeds up your metabolism more than 30%.

    Next time you feel hungry when you just ate not long ago, try drinking hot water and see your hunger disappear fast.

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