Lunchbox Ideas for Kids

Healthy eating means eating all types of nutritious food in a specific quantity which helps children to grow faster and healthier. Vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals and fibre are most healthy nutrients required by the human body to grow. Good fats are important too but in a very low quantity. Kids specially need to have more food items that give them balanced nutritious diet. Kids at school-going age have small appetites but their body need high nutritious meals. Food choices of children at early ages influence their future health related risks. Kids love to have junk food such as pizza, burger, chips etc and avoid eating vegetables, fruits and other healthy items they need to grow.  At early age, formation of bones, muscles, teeth and a sharp brain with a healthy heart depends on the healthy food in-take. Obesity in children is very common now which leads towards many diseases making children lazy and dull. Taking healthy food can also prevent your child suffering from long term diseases like heart diseases, liver diseases and other oral problems too.

Here are some good healthy ways to pack your child’s lunchbox with yummy but healthy food items.


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    Try to fill a big part of lunchbox with fruits and vegetables. Don’t bore children by giving them such food items without any innovation as they will not eat them if they don’t find them interesting. Stuffed and baked vegetables can be a part of lunchbox. Fruits and vegetables consist of plenty of nutrients and keep children fit and healthy.

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    Dairy products are the main source of calcium which is very important for growing kids. Sometimes amaze your kid with an interesting yummy cheese sandwich.

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    Chicken and fish sandwiches and rolls with ketchup and mayonnaise are also kids favourite. They can happily eat them but again don’t bore kids with the same flavours and things daily.

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    Kids love sweets and chocolates although these are not really very healthy things to eat but a small amount can make children happy with their lunchboxes. These are extras but a way to keep children stick to their boxes.

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    Also make sure that your child doesn't take cold drinks daily. Instead of soft drinks, flavoured milk or milk shakes can not only complete the meal but also are very healthy and kids’ favourite too. Juices are also a good choice. Try to give your kid homemade fresh fruit juices of their choice.

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