Make A Wish Foundation Dubai Overview

A unique non-profit organization, the Make-A-Wish Foundation UAE was established in order to bring an incredible idea to life – helping to fulfil the wishes of children who are suffering from life threatening medical conditions. This generous and humble effort to bring joy and magic into the lives of children who are terminally ill has been a world-wide success – children’s wishes for everything from laptops, to a meeting with His Highness General Sheikh Mohammed, Crown Prince of Dubai, have been granted.

With numerous generous contributions pouring in from all quarters, the organization receives sponsorship and donations from around the globe so they can keep up the good work. In addition to monetary contributions, people who wish to volunteer for the cause are also welcomed by the management.

No matter how impossible the wish, the organization works tirelessly to make these young dreams come true. Undoubtedly a worthy cause, you can contribute by giving something as large as a monetary donation, or by simply putting in a little bit of effort in spreading the word, so more people can be drawn towards helping deserving children.

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    The Make-A-Wish Foundation UAE only provides one service and that is converting the dreams of seriously ill children into reality. With their humble efforts, children will get a chance to leave behind the sadness and hardship in their lives, in order to experience the magical excitement of being granted exactly what they have wished for.

    The Make-A-Wish Foundation UAE permits people to serve as volunteers, allowing them to be a part of this noble cause by bringing happiness into someone’s life. For those who are interested in the cause, but unable to spare time and volunteer, the organization also accepts donations.

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    How to Contact:

    If you are looking to become a part of this organization, or simply wish to support them, then you can use this contact information to get in touch with the Make-A-Wish Foundation UAE.

    Contact: +971 4 368 0217

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    Building 1, Office 6, Dubai Humanitarian City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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    How to Get to Make-A-Wish Foundation UAE

    The Make-A-Wish Foundation UAE is located in the Dubai Humanitarian City – there is little to no public transport available nearby, so it is best to utilize private cars or taxis for getting here. If you wish to rely on public transport, however, be prepared to walk a long distance, as the nearest bus stop is approximately 30 minutes or more of a walk from the foundation.

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