Desert Rock Festival Dubai

Dubai Desert Rock festival was organised with an aim to bring together like-minded music lovers from around Dubai and to promote rock and metal genres of music.

It saw 7 years of successful running until the organizers, Centre Stage Management, decided to discontinue with it. The chance provided to the musicians to enthrall a charged audience through rock and metal genres of music on a unified stage made it a distinct music event in the Middle East.

Note: It started off as a one day event which eventually grew on to entertain the crowd for 2 days before being closed in 2010.


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    It was in 2004 that Centre Stage Management started a journey to bring together and grow a rock and metal music festival in Dubai. This was when the first Dubai Desert Rock event was organised, featuring 2 rock bands, the Rasmus and Juliana Down.

    The next year, in 2005, the event had 6000 attendees and more than 5 rock bands. This went on and Dubai Desert Rock continued to grow till 2009. It was a tremendous success as it brought music lovers together in Dubai for a memorable time.

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    Some of the highlights from earlier events are as follows:

    - Different rock and metal bands  from around the world made the audience dance to their tunes. It was a chance for bands to let their hair down and jam all night in front of the welcoming fans.

    - Music lovers from all over the world used to be gathered under one roof – sharing the same passions and choices in terms of music. Anyone who loved music and was unable to see some of their favourite bands could attend the festival and get a chance to see some top rock and metal bands from around the world. This not only inspired many but brought music lovers together in Dubai.

    - There were different vendors, each showcasing their work. These included graffiti artists, tattoo artists whom people visited to get temporary tattoos and skate-park shows. It was a good chance for anyone who had a skill and offer something to fans of the genre.

    - Overall it was the best place for young talented musicians and bands to come and get some much needed inspiration in a place not known for large rock or metal concerts.

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    Contact information

    The management of Centre State Management, the organisers of the festival, can still be contacted in case of any queries or question.

    Telephone: +9714 327 77 52
    Email: +9714 327 72 03

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