Ramadan Events and Activities in Dubai

Ramadan is a month when Muslims seek forgiveness and thank God for the countless blessings He has showered them with. Iftars and Suhrs are arranged on a large scale, restaurants arrange special Iftar buffet deals, retail shops provide discounts and some religious events are also arranged all over the world.

Dubai is no different, with its metropolitan feel and a Muslim majority population. There are a few events which have been taking place over the years now, while some have recently joined the bandwagon. Living in Dubai around Ramadan opens up a different world altogether; with spirituality and religious connotations in all the activities that take place.


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    Fatwa Sessions

    These are 30-minute fatwa sessions held in different mosques of Dubai where al-fiqh issues are discussed in various languages including English, Arabic, Urdu, Farsi and Pashto. They’re usually held after the Asr prayers so Muslims can gain more knowledge about Islam.

    Mosque in Dubai
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    Canon firing

    A cannon is fired around Iftar time to announce the breaking of the fast. It is something that has attracted many people over the time it has been happening. The car park of Gate 4 of Safa park is the place to be at if you want to witness the event live in action.

    Canon Firing Dubai
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    Free Iftaars

    Many mosques and charities provide free meals to the needy – whether they are Muslims or not. Most of them are sponsored by different individuals/organizations. One of the largest setups for free iftaar in Dubai is in the car parking of Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque.

    Free Iftaar in Dubai mosque
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    Iftaar Buffets

    Many hotels and restaurants start special iftaar buffets during ramadan, and these all-you-can-eat deals are a big hit with local populations around the world. From the restaurants in Burj al Arab to the Ritz Carlton, and from roadside hotels to fast food joints – they all have special iftaar deals.

    Iftaar Buffet
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    Special Meeting of family and friends

    Ramazan is not just a month for fasting, it brings together muslims from all around the world and promotes strong relationships, brotherhood and bonding. Families and friends hold get-togethers, mainly for iftaar parties and use the opportunity to spend quality time together.

    Ramadan Gathering
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    Pardoning prisoners

    It is a custom in most Emirates to pardon criminals who have been jailed. This depends on the crime committed and conduct shown by the prisoner. Many are only freed for the month so they can spend time with their family, while others are pardoned forever.

    Pardon prisoners in Ramadan
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    Closed Bars and Restaurants

    Bars and some restaurants may be open but clients might be asked about their religion before they are served drinks. Although there will be no loud music or dancing allowed. Some restaurants are open only discreetly so from the outside, they may look closed. Also, an individual may be penalized for drinking offences more severely than he would be otherwise.

    Restaurants and Bars Dubai
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    During the month of Ramadan people do more charity than they would otherwise. Some residents of Dubai will be seen volunteering for different causes while others will be providing financial support.

    Charity Dubai
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    No Music

    No loud music will be heard from restaurants, car stereos, at the beach and even in private homes. This is in respect of the Holy month and so people who need to pray can do so in tranquility.

    No Music in Ramadan
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    Supermarkets stay open for longer

    Most supermarkets in Dubai will be seen open for longer times – usually for an extra 2 hours. Unlike some restaurants, they’re usually open during the day as well – however eating and drinking in them is strictly discouraged.

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