How to Make Your Boyfriend Think of You

If you are in a new relationship and are serious about it, you will need to work on building it over time and making sure it grows stronger. There are several phases in any every relationship, but if the foundation is strong, things only go up with time. While your own attitude and behavior will have a huge bearing on how your boyfriend perceives you, here are a few tips you can work with to make him think of you when you are not around.


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    The easiest and simplest way to make him think of you is to send him a text message when he away, at school or at work. You don’t have to write elaborate messages and a simple text with a small but touching message should be enough to make him think of you. The point here is to show him that you are thinking about him, and he will automatically respond in kind.

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    A nice surprise for your boyfriend will be to receive a special email from you, especially if he is at work. You can just write down a few simple words and tell him that you are missing him. Another good idea is to send an e-card to your boyfriend using any of the freely available greeting services on the internet.

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    If you live in with your boyfriend you will have access to his clothing. You can take a small piece of paper and write down a sweet message on it and sign in. Then you can place this note into his pants or jacket pocket and leave it for him to find later during the day. Not only will this note surprise him but he will also appreciate the effort you put into making it special for him.

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    Another good way to surprise your boyfriend and make him think of you is to show up at his workplace at lunch time and take him out. Not only will he be pleasantly taken back, he will also appreciate your effort. Moreover, surprises like this are sure to be remembered for a long time.

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    If your boyfriend has his lunch at work, you can order something for him yourself and have it delivered to his workplace before his official lunch time. If you get something he really likes, he is not only going to enjoy his lunch but also think of you.

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    Sending a surprise bouquet of flowers to his workplace is another great idea to make him think of you. Moreover, this will show his colleagues that there is someone special in his life and he will undoubtedly have to talk about you with them.

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