Make-up That Sticks with MAC Fix+Spray

Do you always seem like you’re reapplying your make-up 4 times a day? Do you want your cheaper foundation and concealer to look like the expensive products? Well where there is the internet…there is a way! MAC has revealed a spray which cost less than £10 and with 1 puff allows your make-up to stay longer.  Before, I had experienced many make-up issues. Being a black African, there are less foundation complexions for darker skin tone.

IMAN foundation being very popular amongst African females, I decided to use it also. However I noticed the lasting time for the make-up wasn’t so good and had to apply more than twice a day. I decided to change my foundation but didn’t want to stop using IMAN foundation because the skin tone was perfect and so was the coverage. This is when I stumbled across MAC studio fix spray.

Being very sceptical I didn’t buy it straight away. I researched and then went back to buy the small one. That night I attended a wedding and for the first time i didn’t have to reapply my make-up.  It’s a great investment for your make-up bag. One spray can last you up to 6 months. There is a small bottle and a larger one for those who use make-up more regularly.

The other advantage to the spray is that it has a lock, so to use, you need to turn the head. That way no spillage will occur in your make-up bag and can be safe around small kids.  Not only does it keep make-up on but it also hydrates the skin and gives it a radiant look.

For situations when you become hot and flustered, MAC fix+ spray also cools down the skin. It has ingredients that awaken the skin such as tea tree and cucumber. It also has chamomile that helps with inflammation and helps relax the skin.

I noticed when i use powder on my face, my skin becomes flaky.  To prevent this, MAC fix+ smoothens out the make-up and makes the skin moist. To use the spray, you keep it an arm length away and spray it directly to your face. Some people spray it on their make-up brush before applying their powder.

If using liquid foundation, you can place a bit of foundation on one tip of your finger. After that, spray over it and then apply on your face.  It can also be used for eye-shadows and concealers. It absorbs very quickly, so it can be used for oily and dry skins and even for those who have sensitive skin. The fragrance of MAC fix+ spray is very light and doesn’t cause any reaction. So next time when you go make-up shopping- save your pennies and invest in a product that fixes your make up in a way that hydrates your skin too.

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