Mexico Tourist Visit Visa Requirements in Dubai

Folks in Dubai who are looking to get a Mexico tourist visit visa need to visit Abu Dhabi, as there is no Mexican mission or consulate in Dubai. Therefore, Consulate of Mexico located in Abu Dhabi is the nearest and best option for people in Dubai to acquire a Mexican tourist visa. This tourist visa of Mexico is a pass to one of the top tourist destinations in the world, as the country is full of different attractions. The list of these fine attractions includes sandy beaches, mesmerizing cities, breath-taking exhibitions and historical sites. Therefore, don’t think too hard and obtain a tourist visa of Mexico and let the spectacular views of the land enchant you by their grandeur.

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    As per the new regulations implemented on May 1st, 2010, all nationalities which have a valid visa to enter into the United States of America are eligible to enter into Mexico without having a Mexican visa, but others should.

    - A visa application accordingly signed and completed in capital letters.

    - Passport validity must be no less than 6 months prior to the visa expiry and it must also have two blank pages.

    - Copies of the first three pages of passport and all valid visas.

    - Provide two pictures in white background and they should be in passport size.

    - Return ticket and its photocopy.

    - Visa applicant of Mexico must be a resident of the United Arab Emirates.

    Evidence of sufficient funds:

    a) Letter from the employer showing salary, total tenure of employment and designation in the company.

    b) Provide bank statements of the last 3 months and their copies too.

    c) Credit card acceptable at international level with an upper limit higher than one thousand US dollars, along with its copy.

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    Visa Application Form

    Applicants need to give in a completed visa form of Mexico to obtain a tourist visa of the state. It can be downloaded from here, or inquire from the officials at the Consulate General of Mexico in Abu Dhabi to find out more ways to gain the visa application.

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    Visa Fee

    The fee for a Mexican tourist visa is 133 AED (cash only). If there is a need for further clarification on the visa fee, or any other matter related to the Mexican visa, contact the Consulate General of Mexico in Abu Dhabi.

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    Mode of Payment

    The mode of payment for Mexican tourist visa is in Dirhams only. Applicants must bring the exact amount in cash only as other modes of payment are not accepted.

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    Check List

    - Verify that you have filled Mexican visa application form accordingly and also signed it.

    - Double check that your passport has a validity of 6 months at minimum till the end of the intended tour, along with two blank pages.

    - Ensure that your two pictures are in white background and passport sized.

    - Confirm that you have return tickets and their photocopies.

    - Don’t forget to give proof of sufficient funds.

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    Submission of visa application and other papers can be done between working hours of the Consulate General of Mexico in Abu Dhabi from 8:00 AM until 1:00 PM during business days.

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    Processing Time

    Learn about the processing period of the Mexican visa application from the Consulate General of Mexico in Abu Dhabi.

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    Collect Visa

    Consulate General of Mexico in Abu Dhabi, when issues the visa, only then an applicant can collect his or her passport from the mission. Collection can be made at working hours between 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM. In case of any queries, correspond with officials at the Consulate General of Mexico in Abu Dhabi.

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