Microsoft Copyright Violations Dominate Google’s Takedown

Google explains better the URL takedown requests, by revealing the recent data. The report shows the volume of Microsoft’s takedown requests is more than just any other company.

The latest report contains a sub division of all requests Google received from multiple companies since July 2011 in order to get rid of the copyright-infringing content from its search index.  After receiving too many complaints from various companies reacting to alleged copyright violations, Google has expanded its transparency reports to imagine developments, bringing attention to the surge in takedown notices.

Google Inc. has confirmed more than 2.5 million applications to do away with links thought to be breaching Microsoft’s copyrights since 2011. At second-place it’s NBC Universal, operator of the world’s most popular entertainment, news and sports content, movies and film libraries to consumers globally, as its copyrighted content was cited in nearly 1 million removal desires during the last 11 months. Furthermore, one of the Redmond-based software companies accounted for over 500,000 URL takedowns just in the April, 2011.

Google now determines to bring the up to date information daily at

Microsoft’s spokesman Lou Gellos in this case, clearly mentioned in an email, “Each month, Microsoft requests the removal of links to web pages that infringe Microsoft’s copyrights so that customers are not deceived into purchasing or downloading counterfeit software.”

The search giant Google has released an understandable snapshot of Microsoft’s apparently chronic copyright headaches emerged in new data in order to clearly explain the internet users a very clear understanding of the intellectual property abuses on the Internet. Google found 97 percent of the copyright removal request valid that is sent by different companies. These aberrant links will be blocked from the influential search results of Google.

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