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The Ministry of Justice is a ministerial division of the government of the United Kingdom. The main responsibility of this department is to improve the justice system so it serves people better. In addition to this, the Ministry of Justice is also responsible for some parts of the constitutional policy that does not lie with the Deputy Prime Minister. This ministry is led by the Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor, whose main concern is to boost confidence of public in the justice system by providing easy access to justice, besides supporting the civil liberties of people and reduction in re-offending.

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    Facilities & Services:

    The Ministry of Justice facilitates the public when an injustice takes place with them. The main responsibility of the Ministry of Justice is to take care of the justice system in the country. This covers family and civil justice and rights and democracy. By providing transparent and immediate justice, the Ministry of Justice is working hard to reduce offending and re-offending.

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    Organization Structure:

    The Ministry of Justice is headed by:

    Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice
    Minister of State and Deputy Leader of the House of Lords
    Parliamentary Under Secretary of State
    Parliamentary Under Secretary of State
    Minister of State (jointly with the Home Office)
    Permanent Secretary
    Director General, Finance
    Director General, Transforming Justice
    Lead non-executive director
    Non-executive directors (3)

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    Operational Hours:

    The office hours of Ministry of Justice are like other HM Treasury departments - from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

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    How to Contact:

    The Ministry of Justice can be contacted by either dialling the phone number or sending a fax or email on the information specified under.

    Contact: +44 20 3334 3555
    Fax: +44 20 3334 4455

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    102 Petty France, London SW1H 9AJ, United Kingdom.

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    How to Get to Ministry of Justice:

    By Tube

    The office of the Ministry of Justice is located close to the St James’s Park tube station. The gap between these two sites is about 52 ft, which can be easily covered on foot in about 12 seconds. Commuters should head west towards Petty France from this London Underground station in order to arrive at the building of Ministry of Justice. View Map

    By Bus

    The nearest bus stop from the office of the Ministry of Justice is St James's Park, St James's Park (S-bound). This bus stop is located at a distance of 331 ft away from the workplace of Ministry of Justice. Visitors can cover this distance in about 1 minute by walk. All they should do is head out in the northeast direction on Broadway after arriving at this bus stop and then turn left to stay on Broadway and enter the roundabout to find the destination in front of them.

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