How to Get Passport for Children Born in Dubai

Dubai, one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), does not offer nationality to foreigners. The main aim of UAE Government to such tough step is to protect their status quo (the existing state of affairs) from foreign intrusion and to preserve their cultural and religious values. Therefore, children of foreigners born in Dubai do not have any chance to get UAE’s nationality unless his or her father is Emirati. The new born babies can only get the same nationality as their father. On the other hand, getting a UAE passport for your child is your right unless you are a legal resident of UAE. At the same time, life is very busy in world’s busy business hubs like Dubai; therefore, make sure to start getting your child’s passport organized as soon as the child is born.


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    Get Birth Certificate for your child

    As soon as the child is born, apply for his or her birth certificate in Dubai. You will have maximum 30 days to apply for Birth Certificate. Check out the simple procedure to get Birth Certificate in Dubai.

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    Keep the time period in mind

    Do not forget that the maximum time period to get your new born baby’s passport organized is 4 months from his or her date of birth. Get the new passport of your child from the Department of Naturalisation and Immigration Dubai. After the due date, your child will be fined 100 AED (United Arab Emirates dirham) per day. So it is better to complete the Passport’s paper work within the assigned time period.

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    Get the required documents organized

    Get the passport’s required documents organized before visiting your respective embassy or consulate in order apply your baby’s passport. The list of the required documents is given below:

    - Child’s Attested Birth Certificate
    - Parent's birth certificates
    - Parent’s marriage certificate
    - Parent’s passports and copies to your embassy or consulate

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    Fill the passport application form

    Once you get the required documents in hand, visit your specific embassy or consulate, fill the passport application form and submit it on the spot. Dhs. 100 will be charged as a passport Fee.

    Note: The personal presence of the parents of new born baby is must.

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