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Let’s face it, Dubai is fast becoming the most sought after destination in the middle east, and the regional transport hub between all of Europe and Asia. As one of the fastest growing cities in the world, it’s no wonder that every major company is setting up a base here and a regional office.

With thousands of businesses that serve countless products and services in almost every industry from construction, retail, finance, tourism and entertainment, Dubai is becoming one of the hottest job markets in the world. If you have ever wanted to live and work in Dubai then this guide is for you. We will show you exactly how to get a job in Dubai, what you need to know, what agencies you can use for getting recruited, how a work contract works, and the types of salaries and accommodations you can expect while working here.


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    There are things you need to know about Dubai before you can go about finding a job. We highly recommend prior to emigrating to Dubai that you do your due diligence and make sure that this is in fact the city you would like to work in. Most people that want to work here have no clue about the situation and move here first on tourist visa's spending huge amounts of money before securing any form of job or position with a company. Then when they find out the compensation isn't exactly what they were looking for, they are already in the hole, with thousands of dollars spend, and end up going right back to where they came from. So although this step is simple, make sure you want to work in Dubai before you come here, then make sure you find companies online that are hiring for your particular skill sets and work experience and do your research for all the best possible available jobs in Dubai.

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    Recruitment agencies in Dubai are a great way to pre-screen your potential employers. Once you are sure of the types of salary you’re looking for and the type of employer, you can begin finding them on jobsites online, or find out recruitment agencies that best serve your particular needs. It always best to find agencies that have been around for a while and have a successful track record in getting job placements for people. You can measure the reputation of a recruitment agency by the length and years of service in Dubai.

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    Finding a job is not as hard as most people think it is, but first you need to build yourself a full CV which includes all your work experience, skills, and knowledge. There are many agencies and jobsites online that help you find jobs in a reverse method. Instead of you applying to postings online, you simply submit your resume and the industries you would like to work in and most job sites match you with potential employers, and if any potential employers are impressed with your CV they will contact your for phone or face to face meetings. Many companies that originate from outside Dubai usually use recruitment agencies to find quality professionals for them so they don't have to go through the hoola hoops of the hiring process.

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    In Dubai it is a very competitive and growing workforce, and people often work very hard over long periods of time. When applying for a job keep in mind that you are trying to secure a contract position within a company for at least 1-3 years time minimum because you will have to relocate to Dubai, cost of living and working can vary from cheap to very expensive depending on your needs. You will also need to apply for a work visa, which usually is done for you through your employer. Work visas are up to a maximum of 3 years and can be renewed after every 3 year period. Most employers also give time once or twice a year to go back to your home country and visit family. Sometimes it is paid for by the employer and other times it is your responsibility to find your way home and back. Some employers even provide lodging and free food which helps tremendously with lowering your cost of living and can help you earn more money for your valuable time.

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    This is the list of the major recruitment agencies in Dubai:

    a) Gulf Employment Tips website
    b) Charter House Me website
    c) Gulf Talent website
    d) Monster website
    e) BAC Middle East website
    f) Huxley Associates website
    g) Jobs-me website
    h) Morgan Mckinley website
    i) Executive Solutions website
    j) Miller Hay website
    k) The perfect help website

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    We always promise as much resources as we can on StepbyStep, so here is all the homework for you. We are positive that after you are done going through all these agencies you are sure to find a job.

    Agency Name |Phone Number |Industry |Link

    ACR World | +971 4 339 7277 | Architecture, Construction, Energy, Envi... | Upload CV

    Appointments | +971 4 390 0039 | General (All industries) | Upload CV |

    BAC Executive Recruitment | +971 4 337 5747 | General (All industries) | Upload CV

    Beresford Blake Thomas | +971 4 390 0375 | General (All industries) | Upload CV |

    Charterhouse | +971 4 372 3500 | General (All industries) | Upload CV |

    Clarendon Parker | +971 4 391 0460 | General (All industries) | Upload CV |

    Dulsco | +971 4 347 7500 | General (All industries) | Upload CV |

    Edge Executive |+971 4 368 9460 |General (All industries) |Upload CV |

    Egon Zehnder International |+971 4 381 0200 |General (All industries) |Upload CV | |+971 4 362 4748 |Health care and Medical |Upload CV |

    First Select |+971 4 334 3461 |General (All industries) |Upload CV |

    Fish People |+971 50 462 1781 |General (All industries) |Upload CV |

    Focus Direct |
    +971 4 355 4134 |
    General (All industries) |
    Upload CV |

    Future Focus |+971 4 321 7222 |General (All industries) |Upload CV |

    Gulf Connexions |+971 4 337 6791 |Accounting and Auditing, Banking, Energy... |Upload CV |

    Hays |+971 4 361 2882 |General (All industries) |
    Upload CV |

    Headway |+971 4 398 7369 |General (All industries) |Upload CV |

    Hill McGlynn |+971 4 299 3366 |Architecture, Construction, Engineering |Upload CV |

    Ibtikar |+971 4 343 8380 |General (All industries) |Upload CV |

    Kershaw Leonard |+971 4 343 4606 |General (All industries) |Upload CV |

    Korn/Ferry |+971 4 204 5777 |General (All industries) |Upload CV |

    Lobo |+971 4 331 3223 |General (All industries) |Upload CV |

    Medico Worldwide Recruitment |+971 4 390 2238 |Health care and Medical |Upload CV |

    Michael Page |+971 4 709 0300 |General (All industries) |Upload CV |

    Mosaic Search |+971 4 367 1030 |General (All industries) |Upload CV |

    Nadia |+971 4 331 3401 |General (All industries) |Upload CV |

    Options Group |+971 4 509 6652 |Accounting and Auditing, Banking, Financ... |Upload CV |

    Personnel Network Group |+971 4 336 6837 |
    General (All industries) |
    Upload CV |

    Radiant |+971 4 355 1506 |General (All industries) |Upload CV |

    Sine Wave |+971 4 398 5541 |General (All industries) |Upload CV |

    SOS Recruitment |+971 4 396 5600 |General (All industries) |Upload CV |

    Wadi Jobs |+971 4 332 8875 |General (All industries) |

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