Steps to Attend Driving School in Dubai

If you’re a local Emirati then you can attend any of the driving schools without delay but if you’re applying for a residence visa then driving school can only begin once you receive your UAE residence visa. Driving in Dubai is very fun, the roads are really clean and the experience is enjoyable. The only time we think driving is not fun is during traffic congestion which sometimes can be very stop and go in Dubai during peak rush hours.

That is why it is highly recommended to take driving school so you can understand the roads, driving conditions, and types of drivers in Dubai. Keep in mind that it takes roughly 2-3 weeks from the time of registering for the driving school to receiving your UAE license. There are 5 top driving schools in Dubai which we will share with you below and there will also be links to each school’s website so you can check out more information if one of the schools peaks your interest or sounds like a good fit.


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    In order to register at a desired driving school in Dubai you will have to submit the required documents to one of the many branches each school has all over Dubai and pay the fees.

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    Driving school will consist of a combination of lessons, driving classes, theory tests, parking tests and the final road test. The number of driving classes will depend on how long you have had your home country's driver's license (20, 30, or 40)

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    Choosing the right driving school. We have listed all the top 5 driving schools in Dubai for you to choose from. Take a peak around their websites, find one that is close to your living area and proceed from there. Just a quick tip belhasa driving school was awarded the top award for driving schools in Dubai so it might be a good place to start.

    Emirates Driving Institute:

    Phone number: +971 4 263 1100
    For more information visit their Website

    Belhasa Driving School:

    Phone number: +971 4 324 3535
    For more information visit Website

    Dubai Driving Center:

    Phone number: +971 4 345 5855
    For more information visit Website

    Galadari Driving School:

    Phone number: +971 4 267 6166
    For more information visit Website

    Al Ahli Driving School:

    Phone number: +971 4 341 1500
    For more information visit Website

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    Driving tips for you to remember while learning how to drive in Dubai and the UAE

    - Always follow the road signs and speed limits, and always fasten your seat belt

    - Stay out of the car left lane unless passing, and watch on the right it is common to pass on both sides

    - If you have an accident call police at 999

    - Make sure to pay your fines at RTA ( roads and transport authority ) office or online at website otherwise you will not be able to register your car.

    - Do not use your mobile phone blackberry/iphone while driving

    - Do not leave your car parked in the sun as it can get very very hot, and remember to tint your windows, it helps to manage the heat during the summer months and to see the road better during bright day light hours.

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