Children’s Hope Foundation Dubai Overview

Children suffering from poverty, disability or an illness are endowed with medical, educational and training along with leisure facilities by Children’s Hope Foundation. The actual purpose behind this humble effort is to help the children to adapt all the good things from the society and turn out to be a better person.

This community is being run over funds; the management welcomes all kinds of help whether it is in the form of man power, equipment’s supply, funding or other sorts of facilities. The center is running over local level so whatever is donated to Children’s Hope Foundation directly goes into children’s needs. So if you are looking forward to become a part of this humble effort by volunteering or providing tangible goods then take help from the detailed information about Children’s Hope Foundation below:

Visit: Children’s Hope Foundation Website


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    Various projects are being run under the name of Children's Hope Foundation and one of them is the cancer project, in which children who are inauspiciously suffering from this disease are provided with special medical assistance.

    Several events are scheduled in which children are given a chance to enjoy themselves and unveil their artistic talent.

    Education is also provided to those children who are unable to afford educational expenses.

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    How to Contact:

    The foundation can be reached any time by a phone call. Get your meeting scheduled by calling on the number given below:

    Contact: + 971 4 511 1905

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    Business Bay, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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    How to Get to Children's Hope Foundation:

    You will not find any public transport near Children's Hope Foundation, it is better if you bring your own transport. Bus stops are located at a huge distance from the foundation; you will have to walk for approximately 30 minutes to cover the distance between two locations.

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