Neasden Tube Station London

Neasden tube station is an underground station which is served by Jubilee Line, in between Wembley Park and Dollis Hill. The station was opened in 1880 as part of extensions to Metropolitan Railways at Neasden, but Metropolitan Line’s trains pass through the station non-stop and they make stops only on some rare occasions. The underground station was started with the name of Kingsbury and Neasden but it was renamed Neasden and Kingsbury in 1910. In 1932, the name of the station was again changed and the present name was given it. The Stanmore train services were transferred to Bakerloo Line in 1939, after nationalization of the Metropolitan lines in 1933. The station was constructed in 1880 but its 3 platforms and single luggage gate were built in 1990 and, now the station has many facilities for travelers like induction loop, toilets, vending machines, telephone, staff assistants and shops. The station has its one main entrance from Neasden Lane to enter in ticket hall and the same hall is used for exit. Places to explore near Neasden Tube Station.


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    Restaurants and Coffee Shops

    Visitors and passengers will find a wide range of international cuisines along with great coffees near the Neasden tube station. The restaurants and coffee shops are serving from many years with their appetizing food and coffee menu.

    Spud U Like, Subway and The New Golden Duck
    Coffee Shops:
    Cafe Express and Cafe Vive Iterum

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    Clubs and Bars

    The clubs and bars situated close to the tube station offer a great social venue to their clients and guests to enjoy a number of international wines and many indoor games.

    Night club:
    Dicey Reilly's Nightclub
    McGowan's Irish Bar, The Galway Hooker, Bar Lulas and Sals Bar

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    Hotels and Accommodations

    If visitors and commuters want to stay overnight to enjoy the sights and attractions in town, then they can easily find many hotels and accommodations in 1 mile radius of Neasden tube station. These hotels and guest houses provide excellent rooms and services for temporary stay.

    Hollingbury Hotel and Bridge Park Hotel
    Guest Houses:
    No 8 London Hostel and Saravanas

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    Sights and Attractions

    There are numerous sights and attractions in the vicinity of Neasden tube station and are the best places to enjoy fresh air and natural beauty with friends and family. Some of these parks and gardens have many activities for children to enjoy and play near the tube station.

    Gladstone Park and Atlantic Landscapes

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    Educational Institutes

    People who are new in town and worried about education will feel relax to know a number of government and private educational institutes are serving near the Neasden tube station from many years.

    Mitchell Brook Primary School, Neasden Montessori School
    College of North West London, The Crest Girls' Academy and Islamic College for Advanced Studies ICAS

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    Gifts and Book shops

    There are a number of gift and book shops serving near the tube station that have a wide range of gifts, which the salespeople assist in choosing. Various book shops are also located to satiate book lovers!

    Gift shops:
    Modest London and Superdrug
    Book Shops:
    BK Publications and Willesden Bookshop

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    Health and beauty services

    Looking good is everyone's dream. And to fulfill that, there are various beauty salons, besides a health club, working in this area to cater to people who are conscious about their looks.

    Beauty Salons:
    LCC, Charlottes Caci and Beauty Treatments, Sunset Tan and Precious Touch
    Health club:
    Gladstone Sports and Fitness Club

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    Emergency services

    If you are traveling from Neasden tube station and end up in a distressing situation, then the emergency services mentioned below will prove to be helpful in such times.

    Police stations:
    Willesden Green Police Station and  Harlesden Police Station
    Fire station:
    Willesden Fire Station

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    Hospitals and Clinics

    If visitors and travelers are suffering from illnesses then they can visit one of the hospitals and clinics mentioned below. They have specialist doctors that are available to assist with any medical problem that may arise.

    Willesden Hospital and Willesden Centre For Health & Care
    The Church End Medical Centre, Brentfield Medical Centre and Park View Dental and Implant Centre

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