Newbury Park Tube Station London

Newbury Park tube station is a landmark in the Newbury district of Ilford because the bus stop attached to the tube station won the Festival of Britain award in 1951 and is now a listed site. The underground station was initially built at the turn of century and started services in 1903. The station had several scheduled upgrades, but most plans were abandoned or stopped because of World War II. Eventually, work picked up after the delay and the award winning bus stop designed by Oliver Hill was added in 1949. The station now has several facilities within the station building including toilets, payphones, car park and waiting rooms. However, there is only one entrance and exit to the ticketing halls from street level located on Eastern Avenue. But the large number of facilities provided in and around the station makes up for having only one entrance  and exit to the ticketing halls. Places to explore near Newbury Park Tube Station.


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    Restaurants & Coffee Shops

    A brisk walk in beautiful Newbury Park will put any visitor's appetite into an overdrive. To satisfy their hunger, these patrons can visit many well reputed restaurants and coffee shops close to the undergrounds station.

    Masala 910, Mirage, Curry Special

    Coffe shop:
    Greengate SF Connect, Cafe at 104 

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    Clubs & Bars

    Nightlife in the area surrounding Newbury is not as hip as other more cutting edge locations in London. However, the clubs and bars in this area are kept busy most of the week by people looking for fun, music and drink on reasonable prices.

    Night Club:
    Faces Nightclub, Shannon Centre

    The Avenue Pub, The Cauliflower, Dick Turpin 

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    Hotels & Accommodations

    If you have to attend a business or personal event in the Ilford area, you can get hotels and accommodations near the Newbury Park tube station. This makes traveling to the rest of London easy and gives you some good budget friendly venues.

    Holiday Inn Express Newbury Park, Carlton Leisure, St. Georgio Hotel

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    Sights and Attractions

    The area around Newbury Park tube station is mostly residential and does not leave much room for major tourist attractions. However, visitors can go to the many parks and grounds in the area for some rest and relaxation.

    Newbury Park, Seven Kings Park, Ford's Sports Ground, Goodmayes Hospital Sports Ground, The Village Green 

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    Educational Institutes

    The Newbury Park area is family friendly and residents have access to some great schools for their children.

    Oaks Park High School, Newbury Park Primary School, Seven Kings High School, Ashurst Drive Baptist Church,Ilford Preparatory School & Ilford Grammar School 

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    Gift & Bookshops

    If you are in a hurry and need to grab a quick present for a birthday party or some other event, you can stop over at Newbury Station and purchase the perfect gift from some excellent book and gift shops in the area. You will need to walk a little to get to the stores but it is worth the effort.

    Gift Shop:
    Sofa Design

    Book Shop:
    GRC Christian Bookshop, Astrology Corner 

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    Health & Beauty Services

    Many parks and recreational grounds in Newbury Park area can be used for jogging and other fitness activities. However, if visitors wish to use treadmills, weights and spa facilities, there are some very good options available close by.

    Apples Gym, Spartan health and fitness, Warrens Gym

    Saba, Bliss, Reflections, Butterfly Beauty, Shumailas Hair & Beauty

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    Emergency Services

    Like any other residential area in London, the Newbury Park neighborhood has several emergency facilities at its disposal. This includes police, fire and ambulance services that are able to respond in a couple of minutes to any location close to the tube station.

    Metropolitan Police Service, Barkingside Police Station

    Ilford Fire Station

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    Hospitals & clinics

    In areas like Newbury Park, where a lot of families live, there are usually good hospitals, clinics and doctors. These medical facilities are able to treat a large number of diseases and provide general or specilized care.

    Goodmayes Hospital, King George Hospital

    The Palms Medical Centre,Newbury Park Health Centre, The Redbridge Diabetes Centre, Newbury Group Practice, Smile Dental Clinics

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    Child care centers

    Working parents need good child care services so that they can work freely and with out stress. Finding a child care center is no problem for residents of the Newbury Park area because they have a lot of venues to choose from.

    Child Care Centers:
    Kids Inc, Ashurst Drive Baptist Church, Just Learning Day Nursery, Gants Hill Playgroup, Valentines Neighbourhood Nursery, Eastwood Day Nursery

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