Northfields Tube Station London

Northfields is a London underground station that serves the Piccadilly Line. The station falls under fare zone 3 and serves mainly to the residential area of  Northfields. Northfields Station is a very old tube station, originally the route was opened in 1883, but was named as Northfields Halt on 16th April 1908. The station then underwent multiple developmental eras and various names were given to it in different times. The station got its current name in 1932. Now, the Northfields station is equipped with all modern facilities to assist general and disabled commuters.

Northfields Tube Station has its entrance and exit points at Northfield Avenue. Since most of the people traveling through Northfields Tube Station are the local residents heading out for work or visits they always need access to basic needs nearby. Here is a list of all important places that come within the vicinity of Northfields Tube Station within 1 mile distance.


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    Restaurants and Coffee Shops; If you are looking for a good dine-in or take away restaurant after a journey from tube or want to grab a cup of coffee, in order to make your day fresh and energetic you might want to take a look at the coffee shops and restaurants nearby.

    India India, L'Amico Pizza - Takeaway Delivery, The Plough Inn, Maxim Restaurant, Domingos

    Coffee Shops:
    The Garden Cafe, Munson's, The Walpole, Leon

  • 2

    Clubs and Bars; If you have recently shifted near Northfields Tube Station or traveled via the tube to this station and looking for a fun places to get social or get your favorite drink. Here are some of the clubs and bars that come within 1 mile distance from Northfields Tube Station.

    Club Karma
    The Plough Inn, The Ealing Park Tavern, The New Inn, The Royal

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    Hotels and Accommodations; While heading for the Northfields Tube Station for some business trip, recreation or other work you may need a place to stay. There's plenty of places for you to stay and here are some of them which are close to the station.

    Roof Tops, Hazel Wood Guest House, Northfields Bed and Breakfast
    Other accommodations:
    Best Western Maitrise Suites, YMCA West London

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    Sites and Attractions; You can spend some quality time with your friends and family whenever you get away from your busy work life, as there are various parks and green places  found near Northfields Tube Station for you to enjoy.

    The Ealing Park Tavern, Walpole Park, Lammas Park, Griffin Park, Northfields Recreation Ground

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    Educational Institutes; Those who recently moved to Northfields Tube Station and want to know about some quality educational institutes near Northfields Tube Station can find a plenty of them. Here're few for your ease.

    CL English Language School, Little Ealing Primary School, Greasepaint Makeup School, University of West London, Southall & West London College

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    Book shops and gift shops; For people who like reading books and looking to buy some books near Northfields Tube Station, below is the list of some really good bookshops.  Or in case you need to buy a present for someone, here are some gift shops that you can visit.

    Gift shops:
    The Mill, Darch & Duff, The Cracked Pot Flower Boutique.
    Book shops:
    The Owl & The Pussycat, Oxfam Books

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    Health and Beauty services; One must not compromise over being fit & healthy. Getting into a perfect shape is matter of utmost importance for almost everyone.  For your ease, there are health and fitness centers nearby. Check a few of them below:

    Eden Fitness, Elthorne Sports Centre, Energize Fitness

    Envisage, Lifespa, Advance Hair Extensions London - Hair Extensions London - Hair Extensions Ealing

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    Emergency Services; In case of some emergency situations, or  if you're being threatened, or else if a fire breaks out and a help is needed you can contact the following emergency services.

    Metropolitan Police Service, Ealing Fire Station

  • 9

    Hospitals and Clinics; For people who are suffering from some unfortunate health problems. Or  in case if you want to see a specialist for some particular health issues, here are some clinics and hospitals near  Northfields Tube Station.

    Clayponds Hospital

    McCloskey P J MSc Fcpods, MediMatch, The Bedford Park Surgery, Marie Stopes International West London Centre

  • 10

    Shopping Malls; For those who need to do some shopping near Northfields Tube Station, here're some options from where you can buy some quality stuff under 1 roof.

    Tesco Express, The Co-op, Sainsbury's Local, Windmill Supermarket

  • 11

    Childcare Centres; If you are living near Northfields Tube Station need a child care centre for your young kid’s grooming  or need some institute to take care of your child while you are away, here are some child care centres nearby.

    Happy Childs, Little Ealing Primary School, Little Angels, Northfields Pre-School, The Corner House Day Nursery

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