Notting Hill Carnival London

Every year in the month of August, the streets of West London come alive with the beats of drums, along with the vibrant hues costumes worn by the participants. The celebration of Notting Hill Carnival was initiated back in 1966 by the West Indian community, but in the present age, the fete has entirely converted into a Caribbean carnival. Bank holiday and the Children”s day is the time when this thrilling event attracts the entire London to itself. Two distinct but connected aspects of events helped this carnival to come into being. Every year, millions of people become part of this thrilling moment and scores of huge sound system and traditional rhythms of steel drums stimulate the entire environment. In the starting this event ended up having riots, but with time, people’s involvement has converted it into an amusing and entertaining moment of celebration.

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    History of Notting Hill Carnival:

    This street party was reformed into a sight of bright colors and amusing sounds from a depressing riot against racial attacks in 1959. Claudia Jones, who started this festival indoor, wanted to give a response to the cultural and ethnic violence. The other strand was Rhaune Laslett’s idea of starting ‘hippie’ London Free School encouraged festival. Both of these separate, but somehow connected, aspects gave birth to this thrilling celebration.

    Due to the massive increase in riots and violations, it was expected that the carnival would be banned, but with the support of Prince Charles, a new change was brought. With time, the negativity among people turned into friendly gestures and the event became free from serious troubles and converted into an exciting festivity.

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    How to Make your Visit Special at Notting Hill Carnival:

    Make a plan with your friends and attend this carnival. Wear funky clothes which portray Caribbean culture and join the crowd.

    The event is held on a public holiday, so instead of spending the entire day at home, why don’t you arrange a visit at the carnival with your colleagues and simply enjoy the crowd.

    Children will definitely be overwhelmed by the entire environment. They will have a life time experience after viewing such a unique carnival filled with vibrant colors. The starting day of the event is basically Children’s Day, which is why various competitions are held in which children are given a chance to win costumes and numerous other gift hampers.

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    Attractions of The Notting Hill Carnival:

    The astonishing beats of drums and thrilling sound of music magically involves everyone in the celebration. The contemporary sound of Soca and Calypso has always been the heart of Notting Hill Carnival. You can also wear lovely vibrant colors and join the crowd by dancing and singing.

    Besides music and exciting performances, a variety of food stalls are also available at the carnival. The aroma of traditional Caribbean food can easily drive you towards itself. Usually you will come across recopies like jerk chicken, patties, fried plantain and curries, so for healthy food you will have to bring something from home.

    Live stage performances are scheduled; you will be given a chance to listen to some outclass local bands and a few known international singers.

    You will also come across some shops where unique and traditional Caribbean items are available; buy anything of your choice and make your visit memorable.

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    How to Purchase a ticket:

    You do not require any ticket for the entrance because the entire carnival is organized in a street, although you will have to pay for the rest of the edible items and the shops available there.

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    Dates and Duration:

    Every year in the month of August, the Carnival is taken to the road of Notting Hill. The event is held for two days which also include the Children’s Day. In 2012, the carnival is scheduled on the 26th and 27th of August.

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    By Tube:

    The nearest transit station is the Notting Hill Gate Station. By walk it will hardly take 29 seconds to cover the extent of space between the two locations. After taking an exit from the station, move towards the west direction and initiate walking on the Pembridge Gardens. After covering 112 feet, you will be able to view the hues of the carnival. For further information related to the route, take help from Pedestrian Path.

    By Bus:

    You can also reach your destination by travelling through a bus. From Victoria bus station, take a bus that will drop you at the Notting Hill, Notting Hill Gate (E-bound), which is situated in the vicinity of your desired location

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