Notting Hill Gate Tube Station London

Notting Hill Gate tube station is located in the Notting Hill area that is known for it’s Portobello road market, Portobello film festival, and the annual festival of Notting Hill Carnival. This station is served by Central Line, Circle Line and District Line.  Central line connects it with Queensway and Hollands Park stations. The Circle and District Lines connect this station with Bayswater and Highstreet Kensington stations. The station has a history of major refurbishments connecting both flanks of its venue on either sides of the street, and installation of escalators. This station’s ticket halls has entrance and exits from Notting Hill Gate (North Side B) Portobello Road, Notting Hill Gate (North Side C) to, Nottinghill Gate (South Side A) to and Nottinghill Gate (South Side D). This station also provides facilities of ticket halls, escalators, gates and payphones to commuters using it. Several coffee shops, bars, hotels, emergency service centres like police station or fire stations are present close to this tube statin. The presence of these amenities are of great help and comfort to local residents and people visiting the area. Places to explore near Notting Hill Gate Tube Station.


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    Restaurants & Coffee Shops
    The area attracts people in abundance every week for the Portobello road market and almost a million people every year assemble to attend the world famous street festival. These people are served by the several restaurants and coffee shops located close to the Notting Hill Gate tube station.


    Nando's Notting Hill, McDonald's Notting Hill & Geales Fish Restaurant Ltd

    Coffee Shops
    Caffe Nero, Starbucks Coffee Co & Coffee Republic

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    Clubs & Bars
    People who visit the Notting Hill area to attend Portobello road market or Portobello film festival can easily locate any of the several clubs or bars that are present close to Notting Hill Gate tube station.


    blagclub Notting Hill Gate, The Gate Restaurant, Bar and Club & Amika Ltd


    The Prince Albert, The Churchill Arms

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    Hotels & Accommodations
    People who visit the Notting Hill area to attend the Notting Hill Carnival, the second largest street event of the world, can conveniently find many accommodations just a close distance from the Notting Hill Gate tube station.


    Hotel Blue Bells, MiNC Apartments ,Travel House, Notting Hill Hotel & Ramada London Hyde Park.

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    Sights and Attractions
    Its not only the Notting Hill Carnival, the Portobello street market and film festival; but many people routinely visit the area for many other tourist attractions located close to the Notting Hill Gate tube station.
    Japan Print Gallery, The Celebrity Tour of Notting Hill, Lucy B Campbell Gallery, Sphinx Fine Art & Dennis.

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    Educational Institutes
    Residents of the Notting Hill area can have options if they are interested in furthering their education. One can find many schools or colleges close to the Notting Hill Gate tube station.


    Southbank International School, Wetherby School & Fox Primary School


    Babel Technical,David Game College & Royal College of Music

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    Gift & Bookshops
    Amongst several shops located in the area, many are gift shops and bookshops. You can purchase a gift or souvenier for your special someone or for any of your dear ones.


    Portobello Store, Notting Hill Souvenirs, The Blue Door


    Waterstone's Booksellers Ltd & Book & Comic Exchange

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    Health & Beauty Services
    Scores of health and beauty centres are present in the Notting Hill area. Some spa, fitness centres or beauty parlours that are much close to the Notting Hill Gate tube station are:

    Beauty salons

    medspa beauty clinic & The Tanning & Beauty Shop


    Zen Health Spa

    Fitness Centres

    The Life Centre & LA fitness Bayswater

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    Emergency Services
    Wether one of the thousands of visitors or just a local resident; in times of emergency you can contact any of the Police stations or fire stations present in the area close to the Notting Hill Gate tube station.


    Notting Hill Police Station, Kensington Police Station & Metropolitan Police Service


    Kensington Fire Station & Paddington Fire Station

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    Hospitals & clinics
    For routine check-up or getting advice for a long-time ailment, Notting Hill's residents or visitors can visit a medical practitioner in any of the clinics or hospital present close to the Notting Hill Gate tube station.


    Ascent Health Ltd & Cromwell Hospital


    B a Gatoff, 42 The Dental Practice,  & Harry Gunn Osteopaths.

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    Shopping malls
    Among dozens of shopping malls in the Notting Hill area, three are present within one mile distance from the Notting Hill Gate tube station. For a grand shopping experience near the tube station, these should be visited.
    West12 Shopping Centre, Queensway Market

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    Childcare Centres
    Childcare centres are a good choice for parents who have to leave for work every day. Amongst many childcare centres of Notting Hill, some present close to the Notting Hill Gate tube station are:
    Kidsunlimited Nurseries, Notting Hill Childcare, The Lloyd Williamson School Nursery, St Peters Nursery School & Mynors Nursery School

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