Palace of Westminster in London

The Palace of Westminster, which was constructed in the Middle-Ages, is today also known as Westminster Palace or Houses of Parliament. This makes it a meeting point of the two houses, House of Lords and House of Commons of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. Therefore, today the Palace of Westminster is a very significant site in the country as earlier in middle ages it was given importance from a strategic point of view, and later it was used as a royal residence. The location of the Palace of Westminster is also quite exceptional, which makes it stand out amongst others. Visitors can find it on the northern bank of the famous River Thames, right in the heart of the City of Westminster, London.

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    History of Palace of Westminster:

    The Palace of Westminster was built in the middle ages and is known to have been first used as a royal residence from 1016 to 1035 during the reign of Cnut the Great. This palace has although seen various residents, but one of the prominent figures in them was the Monarch during the late Medieval period. The Palace of Westminster also witnessed an unfortunate tragedy in 1834, when a fire broke out and as a result, it was damaged pretty badly. But between 1840 and 1870, reconstruction work took place at the Palace of Westminster in order to restore it.

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    Nearest Attractions to Palace of Westminster:

    The Palace of Westminster is surrounded by numerous famous attractions of the British capital. Moreover, these attractions can be reached quite easily as most of them lie within one mile radius of the Palace of Westminster.

    Jewel Tower, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Churchill War Rooms & London Eye.

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    Tickets and Entry Requirements:

    The Palace of Westminster or Houses of Parliament are open for general public’s tours between August and September in summers. The tour charges during that period are £15 while £10 concession is also offered. However, ticket charges are £6 for visitors between 5 and 15 years of age. As far as children below 5 years are concerned, they can enter into this palace without paying a single penny (but a ticket is still required).

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    Events at the Palace of Westminster:

    The Palace of Westminster is now used by Parliamentarians who are either members of House of Lords or House of Commons. The members of these two houses use the palace as a meeting place to carry out their job responsibilities.

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    Operational Hours of Palace of Westminster:

    The opening hours of the Palace of Westminster from July 27 to September 1 are usually from 9:15 am to 4:30 pm between Monday and Saturday. To verify the details of the Palace of Westminster, contact its administration.

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    Contact Details of Palace of Westminster:

    In order to obtain necessary information regarding the Palace of Westminster or tickets or entry into this site, Londoners can call on the phone number provided below or visit their website.

    Phone: +44 844 847 1672

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    Location of Palace of Westminster:

    Westminster, London SW1A 0AA, United Kingdom.

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    How to Get to Palace of Westminster:

    By Tube

    Westminster tube station is about 295 feet away from the Palace of Westminster and by walk a person can bridge this gap in roughly 1 minute. Head south on Victoria Embankment A/3211, moving towards Bridge St/A302 and then turn left to find the Palace on the left after 95 ft. Directions from Westminster tube station to Palace of Westminster.

    By Bus

    Abingdon Street (M) is the nearest bus stop from the Palace of Westminster. Moreover, bus numbers 3, 87, N3 and N87 have stops at this bus stop, so bus users can easily get to Abingdon Street (M). The gap between Abingdon Street (M) and the Palace of Westminster is close to 453 ft, which makes it a walking journey of 2 minutes approximately. If the bus user heads out in the north course on Abingdon Street/A3212 towards Parliament Square/A302, he/she will find the palace on the left side. Directions from Abingdon Street (M) to the Palace of Westminster.

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