Popular Filming Locations in London

There are several places in London which are used for the purpose of shooting a film. Few locations due to their natural beauty and few are so tremendously built or constructed that film directors consider them as an appropriate and fanatical location for their shooting. London is an historical city which along with ancient building also have some new and lavishing architecture, which is why this place is admired by people living all over the globe. It is true that the story line along with outclass acting of the cast becomes the main attraction of any movie, but a beautiful and marvelous background or scenery has the tendency to sparkle the scene and sometimes a beautiful background can also make a best scene in the entire movie.


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    Leadenhall Market, is a famous filming location and in several movies this location has been used. This is basically a covered market which is beautifully constructed with an ornate painted roof. Besides shopping zone this place is also well known for organizing various seasonal festivals.

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    London Eye is among the most popular places of the world due to which this location has been used in many films related to different culture. This extraordinary piece designed by engineers and architects is still at the top of the list of world’s attractive places.

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    Reptile House, London Zoo, is another place of London where various movies have been shot especially kids movies. The London zoo is basically a zoological society of London whose major aim is to conserve animals and their habitants.

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    Brompton Cemetery, the finest cemeteries of the country that is located in London.  This location has been used in animated as well as original movies especially the Royal Parks which is quite near to the place is yet another eminent filming location present in London.

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    The Lanesborough, a St. Regis Hotel, is basically the former residence of the Dukes of Wellington. This grade one building is now opened for tourists so that the museum and the art gallery present here can be seen by the public.

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