Pregnancy Laws in Dubai

Getting pregnant is no doubt one among the best feelings of a mother’s life. You feel great as you are the main source of extending your generation and family. However, getting pregnant in an Islamic state like Dubai is another case where you have to follow the laws in this regard. Basically, the Islamic pregnancy laws are followed in Dubai, where you cannot even think about getting heavy with child before your marriage. If you are Dubai’s national or citizen, make sure to properly follow the pregnancy laws in order to have smooth and peaceful delivery process.

This simple guide of step by step will help you to get an idea of the simple and clear pregnancy laws followed in Dubai:


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    Pregnancy after Marriage is Must

    If you get pregnancy after marriage, then you are in save position and can enjoy peaceful pregnancy period and delivery. Women getting pregnant legally in Dubai are given respect in the society and are offered many facilities by the government and the hospitals.

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    What if you get pregnant before marriage?

    If you are living in Dubai and get pregnant before marriage, it means you are in GREAT TROUBLE. You might not know but expecting a baby before marriage is totally intolerable and illegal activity according to the pregnancy laws of Dubai. Getting into the relationship of marriage is obligatory to get pregnant.

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    The penalties and consequences of illegal pregnancy in Dubai

    The penalties and consequences of illegal pregnancy in Dubai are very tough and unforgivable. Unmarried mothers can end up in the jails of Dubai once they give birth to the baby. The new born baby is also send to jail along with his or her mother.
    The unmarried mother along with her child is then deported from Dubai on the completion of their sentence.

    Moreover, you will find the Government hospitals of Dubai giving you a very tough time as getting pregnant out of wedlock is a CRIME in this part of the world. If you go to hospital for the maternity care, the very first document they will ask you for is you “Attested Marriage Certificate.” if you could not provide them with the required document, you will see a drastic change in the tone and behavior of the staff of the hospital, may be calling the local police on the spot.

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    The best possible solution of getting pregnant before marriage

    Rather than ending up in jail or deportation, you can either leave Dubai as soon as you come to know about your pregnancy or simply get you wedding arrange on an emergency basis. If you want to leave Dubai, then make sure to book your tickets during the initial months of pregnancy as there are flying restrictions depending on how close to delivery you are.

    Same is the case with getting married, where you really have to get your marriage organized during the initial days or months once you discovered that you are expecting a baby. A bigger time difference between your date of marriage and delivery of your child can create huge problem for you while getting the birth certificate of your child in Dubai. The best possible thing you can do is, conduct your pregnancy test if you do not get the monthly periods and get married with in the first two months of marriage. Premature deliveries (seven month delivery) are quiet common among the humans, which refers to the birth of a baby of less than 37 weeks gestational age. Get advantage of it and come up with a great excuse that you had a pre-mature delivery.

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