Property Tax Appeal Letter

Property tax appeal letters are written to request the concerned authorities to reassess all your taxes. If you have any issues regarding your taxation, it is also a good idea to write this letter as part of evidence in case you have to go to court.

Basically, when you challenge your assessment in a particular situation, tax authorities recheck everything and make adjustments if necessary.

If you think some mistake or errors have been made in your tax assessment, just follow the steps here to learn how to write a property tax appeal letter.

Tips for Writing a Property Tax Appeal Letter

  • Be precise and start with the main point in the first paragraph
  • Give your side of the facts in the second paragraph, including figures and numbers
  • Write the letter formally and keep a polite tone
  • Leave your contact number and e-mail for clarification
  • Attach the necessary documents with your letter to help the tax authority


  • 1

    Sample of a Property Tax Appeal Letter #1

    Ms. Susan Smith
    Assessor/Tax Tribunal/Board of Review
    May 12, 2013

    Dear Ms. Smith,

    I am sending you this letter with reference to the recent tax assessment of my property. Unfortunately, the details regarding my property’s worth in the tax statement are not correct.

    As a matter of fact, the overall worth of my property (residential), located at 1129, North Creek Avenue, Hollister, is $200,000. However, the tax statement has an estimation of $340,000, according to which the tax deducted is higher than it should be.

    I have attached the related documents with this letter, kindly review them and rectify the error. If you need any further clarification, kindly contact me on travis[at] or call me on 12345678.
    I look forward to hearing from you soon.


    Travis McNeil

  • 2

    Property Tax Appeal Letter Sample #2

    Ms. Joanne Stitch
    Assessor/Tax Tribunal/Board of Review
    June 19, 2013

    Respect Ms. Joanne,

    I am writing this letter in regards to my latest tax deduction, particularly my property tax. I would like to bring to your notice the fact that there has been an error in my tax assessment.

    According to the statement, my property, located at 299 South Boulevard Avenue, Jamestown, is estimated to be worth $390,000. However, as per the documents attached with this letter, the correct estimation is around $250,000.

    Kindly look into this matter and reimburse the additional tax deduction as soon as possible.

    If you need to contact me, you can do so on jones[at] or call me on 1223599.

    Looking forward to your response,


    -Jones Smith

  • 3

    Template of a Property Tax Appeal Letter

    [Recipient’s Name]
    [Recipient’s Address]

    Dear [Addressee’s Name],

    I am sending you this letter on account of my latest property tax deduction. The information and assessment on file incorrectly states the (development and condition) of my current property.

    Your provided assessment has increased payable tax amount and the actual evaluation is significantly lower.

    Kindly find attached the related documents and review them at your earlier.

    In case you need additional information, feel free to contact me on (contact details).

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.


    [Sender’s Name]
    [Sender’s Address]

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