Application Letter for Referral

Your referrals are actually an extension to your character and personality thus one has to be very careful when sending one in. The person whom you refer represents you and can be highly influential on the way people think of you and regard you.

They are equally or maybe even more important for the referee. With your backing and support, they reach a certain level and from there on the candidates have to put in all the effort for making things work in his/her way. For them it is also crucial to retain your credibility so that their future opportunities do not go bleak.

It should be borne in mind that referrals do not get one the job, rather they serve the purpose of getting you to the interviewer panel. From there on, it is your own face that you are safe guarding and also of the person who got you till there.

They make one just a ‘better’ candidate as compared to the rest and not ‘the best’. The chance to prove that you are the best for the job and that the employer has made the right decision can be put through after you have joined.

Many times the referral letter is also known as the recommendation letter.


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    Sample of an Application Letter for Referral

    February 10, 2012

    To Whom It May Concern

    I have known Rachel Alexandra for good fifteen years now. I know her through The Consultancy Group, where the two of us worked together for five years. She has been a dear family friend since a while now.

    Rachel is a highly capable candidate for the vacancy that has been created in your company. She is famous for her responsible and punctual nature and has never disappointed the company ever.

    Her exceptional interpersonal skills will make her contribute endlessly for the well being of the company. Her passion for hard work and utmost commitment will serve as an invaluable asset for your firm.


    Roger Mike

    Research Associate

    Flying High Corporation

    423-B, 2nd Floor, Twin Towers,

    4758985, Dallas


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    Template of an Application Letter for Referral


    To Whom It May Concern

    I am glad to refer for your opening such a capable candidate with whom I’ve spent considerable amount of years to ensure his great productivity. Mike Anderson suits the job description the best.


    John Smith

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