Charity Letter for Medical Treatment

There is nothing wrong in asking for help when you really need it. Due to the ongoing worldwide recession, plenty of people have fallen below the poverty line. Many of us seek financial help from our friends in the form of borrowed money, but there are hundreds in this world, who don’t have source of income to pay the debt back.

As a result, they look for charity. You don’t hurt your self-respect when asking for charity, especially in the case of medical treatment. Writing a letter is the best way to seek help in this regard. Make sure you have the complete address of the person/organization, you are seeking help from.

Scroll down and learn how to write a charity letter for medical treatment.

Tips to Write Charity Letter for Medical Treatment

  • Be respectful
  • Be thankful
  • Use positive words


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    Sample Charity Letter for Medical Treatment


    Mr. John Smith
    Help the Needy NGO,
    17-B East London, England

    September 16, 2012

    Dear John,

    This letter is being written in extreme desperation for help. My younger son, John Shery, has diagnosed with kidney stone. Doctors have intimated that he requires an immediate operation; otherwise, the situation might get worse.

    However, the money required for this is beyond my reach, as I don’t have much savings. Times have become very harsh for my family.

    My only hope is your NGO. You organisation has already helped many needy people like me, and I hope for good from you. I am sending you medical reports, and the quotation of hospital charges. I shall be very grateful for your donations.

    Yours sincerely,

    Lewis Tom
    C -2, Helix Circle,
    West London

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    Template Charity Letter for Medical Treatment


    Person’s Name
    Company’s Names
    Complete Address



    I have no other option, but to write this letter to you. I am going through hard times, and respectfully ask for charity from you. The reason behind this charity letter is the bad health (Explain reason).

    As you know, it requires a handsome amount of money to get treatment for this disease. Since I have already spent my whole savings on this, I am no longer in a position to continue treatment on my own. Please help me financially, so that I could stop things to get worse.

    With the letter, I am sending complete medical reports, along with the quotation of amount stated by hospital. I need your help earnestly.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Your Complete Name
    Your Address
    Phone Number

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